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Imax was made for visual blockbusters like Interstellar – Taken 3, not so much

theguardian.com – While Imax cinemas are ideal for movies shot on a grand scale, seeing less ambitious films in the format holds little appeal Continue reading... 6 min 30 sec ago via jetli

Listen: 50-Minute Podcast Discussing The $37 Billion Empire Of The 'Star Wars' Franchise

fb.indiewire.com – “He was a smart businessman, George Lucas, He really knew what he was doing,” saysBrian Stillman, director of the documentary "Plastic Galaxy," and it's an observation that, while obvious, tends to get overlooked in discussions about "Star Wars." Yes, the sci-fi adventure movie helped change the multiplex landscape forever, but in addition to being a well-executed piece of popcorn, it arguably lives on thanks to the savvy efforts of Lucas and the marketing team behind the movie. 6 min 32 sec ago via theothersenhman

John Oliver Takes on Turkey Pardoning and Turkeys

feedproxy.google.com – John Oliver is supposed to be on hiatus, but he released a web exclusive because there was an issue so important, so serious, so pressing that he couldn't sit idly by. No, not immigration or even executive orders. John Oliver needed to address turkey pardoning. Not to spoil his point, ... 6 min 33 sec ago via brucelee

Watch: Meryl Streep Almost Died Making 'Into the Woods' and More Highlights From Movie Panel

fb.indiewire.com – Disney finally unveiled their Christmas Oscar bid "Into the Woods" over the weekend with a bi-coastal screening, which played to audiences in both New York City and at Disney Studios in Burbank. Rob Marshall's screen adaptation of Stephen Sonheim's beloved fairytale musical played like gangbusters with the crowd in New York's Directors Guild of America theater (where I saw it), with the audience applauding loudly after almost every musical number (and there are a lot of them). 6 min 39 sec ago via brucelee

You Can See the Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer This Weekend If You Live in 1 of 9 Cities

feedproxy.google.com – Do you live in Irvine, San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Warrington, Knoxville, Houston, or Seattle, and don't feel like talking to your family for two days straight this Thanksgiving? Well, if you go see a movie at your local Regal, you will see the first trailer for Star Wars:

6 min 43 sec ago via brucelee

Mr Kaplan snapped up for US

screendaily.com – EXCLUSIVE: Menemsha Films has taken US rights to Alvaro Brechner’s second feature - Uruguay’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. 6 min 43 sec ago via jetli

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Going Postal

feedproxy.google.com – Ed Helms has a special genius for playing characters so pompous they’re actually lovable, which makes him a great fit for Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s extended universe, in which pretty much every peripheral character thinks he or she is more important and more competent than the main characters. (Besides Wuntch, the list ... 6 min 44 sec ago via theothersenhman

Clip joint: housing estates

theguardian.com – Guardian reader Charles Graham-Dixon picks five of his top scenes centred on brutalist public housing. Which would you choose? Continue reading... 6 min 46 sec ago via donnieyen

Clio Barnard: Wellcome research inspired new film

screendaily.com – The Selfish Giant director has told Screen how the Wellcome Trust and BFI Screenwriting Fellowship has informed her upcoming project. 6 min 49 sec ago via donnieyen

ITV Accused Of Unfair Labor Practices By WGA East

deadline.com – The Writers Guild of America, East has filed unfair labor practices charges against ITV at the National Labor Relations Board. In the filing, WGAE alleges that the UK-owned television production company has failed to bargain in good faith and has violated federal labor law. 6 min 50 sec ago via jetli

Get Eaten By A Dinosaur In IRON SKY 2!

feedproxy.google.com – Now here's an opportunity that doesn't come around every day: The Iron Sky team have themselves a very hungry dinosaur that needs feeding and you could be lunch. Yup, they're throwing down with another crowd funding effort and the big reward on offer is one hell of a fantastic death.

6 min 54 sec ago via brucelee

The Walking Dead Recap: Good Cop, Bad Cop

feedproxy.google.com – As the title suggests, this episode is just plain lousy with crosses of all sorts: the cross at the church that could end up being chopped to bits; the cross around a zombie’s neck that moves Father Gabe to yet another emotional breakdown; the Grady Memorial car with a cross ... 7 min 5 sec ago via jackiechan
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