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Dynamite to Publish ‘James Bond Origin’ Comics Detailing Bond’s Adventures During WWII

slashfilm.com – Have you ever wondered what James Bond was up to before he became the world’s greatest secret agent? Dynamite Entertainment and the Ian Fleming Publications Ltd. have teamed up for a new James Bond Origin comic series that will answer all of your burning questions about Bond’s days as a teenager during the turmoil of World War II.

53 min 48 sec ago via donnieyen

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Continues a Troubling Blockbuster Trend

feedproxy.google.com – The dinosaur disaster sequel is the latest Hollywood movie to hide a character’s queerness. Dinosaurs are not the only thing defying extinction in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The latest installment in the Jurassic series is also reviving the unfortunate trend of cutting out gay scenes in franchise films. 53 min 53 sec ago via brucelee

The Morning Watch: ‘Jurassic World’ Edition – Every Dinosaur Explained, The Real Science & More

slashfilm.com – The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. 53 min 54 sec ago via theothersenhman

Amazon Sets Early Screenings of ‘Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation’ (EXCLUSIVE)

variety.com – Amazon is offering its Amazon Prime members an exclusive early showing of Sony’s animated “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation,” two weeks before the movie’s release. The early showings for Prime members will take place at 3 p.m. local time on June 30 at about 1,000 theaters across the country. Members can buy up to 10 […] 54 min 3 sec ago via theothersenhman

Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival Announces Full Lineup For 2018

feedproxy.google.com – Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) today announced a full programme of genre treats ahead of their July 6th start date. In addition to the previously announced world-first focus on genre films of New Zealand and the festival's highlighting of Swiss fantastic cinema, the festival presents a packed Competition, an exciting exploration of New Cinema from Asia, and a delve into the more extreme, unusual and innovative offerings the genre world has to offer with their Films of the 3rd Kind and Ultra Movies strands. 54 min 11 sec ago via donnieyen

Shanghai: Documentary ‘In My Eyes’ is Triumph of Will On-Screen and Off

variety.com – Onscreen and behind the scenes, “In My Eyes” is the product of struggle. Getting the indie-produced, Chinese-made documentary about into the main Golden Goblet competition is therefore a significant triumph. The film is the first full-length effort by director Han Yi, who spent six years tracking Gao Shengkan as he travelled the world.

54 min 14 sec ago via jackiechan

Heathers is back – but is it Winona Ryder's best film? Her top 20, ranked!

theguardian.com – From the turkeys to the triumphs, Ryder’s 30-year career has taken her from the too-bad-to-be-missed depths of The House of the Spirits to some much more intriguing choicesIn any career spanning three decades, there are bound to be turkeys, and Ryder has had her share. But the gloopy Autumn in New York (2000) is beaten in the too-bad-to-be-missed stakes by this laughable magical-realist clunker.

54 min 15 sec ago via jackiechan

Review: ‘Spiral’ Chronicles the Impact of Prejudice on Everyday Lives

nytimes.com – Laurie Fairrie’s documentary profiles individuals and families in France and Israel to capture a cycle of fear and xenophobia. 54 min 15 sec ago via theothersenhman

Atlas V Teams With BBC, Arte on ‘Untold Story’ VR Series (EXCLUSIVE)

variety.com – Atlas V, one of Europe’s leading virtual reality studios, has partnered with the BBC and Arte to develop “Untold Story,” a VR documentary series showcasing well-known directors exploring passion projects that never got made. Directed by Clement Deneux (“Zombinladen”), the eight-part documentary will feature material created during pre-production, including storyboards, animatics, concept art, and original […] 54 min 16 sec ago via brucelee

‘Jump Force’ Promises to Deliver Supercharged Shonen Thrills

variety.com – As long as there have been heroes, there have been nerds trying to place them in a sort of arbitrary pecking order. It’s classic fodder for a playground argument – who do you think would win, super-powered hero A, or super-powered hero B? For more wizened generations of gamers, those blanks might be filled by […] 54 min 18 sec ago via donnieyen

Star Wars spin-offs put on hold after Solo crashes at box office

theguardian.com – Lucasfilm said to be focusing on ‘official’ episodes of franchise after disappointing results for prequelFurther Star Wars spin-off movies have been put on hold after disappointing box-office results for Solo: A Star Wars Story. 54 min 22 sec ago via jetli

As Sitting Bull in 'Woman Walks Ahead,' Michael Greyeyes continues to educate through Native roles

feedproxy.google.com – Growing up in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Michael Greyeyes always felt close to his indigenous roots. Though he was raised in the city, he and his family would travel from Saskatoon to the Plains Cree reserve nearly every weekend for powwows or tribal gatherings. But at age 9, Greyeyes... 54 min 27 sec ago via theothersenhman
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