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Rating: Butter
Posted October 30th, 2012 by popcorn

The Wreck-It Ralph trailer is a nice little walk down memory lane. I’m betting the people who like this trailer are just as nostalgic about those old video games, like Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, or the Street Fighter guys as I am. Despite the lack of realistic graphics, fancy hand held controls and simulation tools we have now, the simplicity of those games still brings about the same joy of playing a video game – the emotional rollercoasters that go along with playing the game, the desire to beat the last highest score or conquer just one, only one more level before stopping.

The trailer looks fun and full of energy without too many overly complicated or CGI’d characters and overstuffed background. It’s great to see a cast of G-rated and tamed video game scenes over the more violent and graphic ones of Resident Evil or Tomb Raider – although those are not animation. Wreck-it Ralph appeals to younger children through its bright, huggable and cute characters, and still manages to toss in a little bit of violence for the older children, with Sergeant Calhoun and her gun-toting allies or enemies. The story probably also appeals to adults who are looking for the nostalgic feeling of playing low graphic, simple and less violent video games again.

I like the premise that it’s about a bad guy who wants to be a good guy, because “it’s hard to love your job when no one else seems to like you for doing it.” Except, in the end, I’m pretty sure the movie has to end with the fact that someone has to be the “bad guy” or else there would be no game or everyone else in the game would perish. So, essentially, he is the “good guy” and appreciated for being the “bad guy”. Although it would seemed like an antithesis to end an animation aimed at children and happy endings, and tell them that someone out there has to be the bad guy.

Wreck-It Ralph looks like an enjoyable “action hero” movie to watch with children without worrying about the amount of violence, nudity or sex scenes.

Wreck-It Ralph is scheduled to open on November 2, 2012. It stars John C. Reilly as the voice of Wreck-It Ralph, and includes a cast of comedies, John McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Adam Carolla, Mindy Kaling, Ed O’Neill, Jamie Elman, Rachael Harris, Dennis Haysbert, Edie McClurg, Horatio Sanz, Stefanie Scott, Alan Tudyk, and others.

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