Trailer Hopping : Wrath of the Titans: Made for Music and not Movies

Rating: No Butter
Posted January 10th, 2012 by popcorn

Wrath of the Titans’ trailer has lost focus of what it’s supposed to do. The trailer feels like a short version of a music video, except the music does not match the video. It’s a chaotic display of war between the Titans and the gods, set against rock music, inducing head-banging, terrorizing anything nearby and air guitar playing among viewers. Not the least bit impressive as a trailer though.

There are some good features of the trailer though. The creation of the Titans as multi-human, towering beasts formed by combining brightly burning coal is an interesting perspective of very different look for Titans compared to previous movies, like the Immortals.

The action scenes are also very fast-paced and edge-of-your-seat exciting—bringing me closer to the action, such as the scene where the building is sliding towards Sam Worthington, or Sam Worthington fighting the gigantic mammal bird. The fighting scenes may be worth watching in 3-D, assuming the 3-D is well made, and there are more action scenes than those shown in the trailer.

Aside from the action, there is little else of interest in the movie. Because of the crazy music and the constant action, the trailer does not conjure any feelings of love or romance, and hence, no need to add in any kissing or love scenes. In fact, the trailer looks and feels dirty because of the constant motion and Armageddon look. There are things flying everywhere; everyone looks like they’ve been at war for ages and have not had a chance to shower or clean up.

The trailer also looks and feels like the Jack the Giant Killer trailer. The two trailers share similar formats; same unsettling music; same words flashing on screen, set to music; similar action sequences of man running and giant chasing; and same dark color tones.

I do have to mention that they do have a great cast. Wrath of the Titans is scheduled to open on March 30, 2012. It stars Sam Worthington as Perseus son of Zeus, Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades the evil brother to Zeus, and Edgar Ramirez as Ares the brother to Perseus.

Wrath of the Titans also follows the Greek God trend, after the Immortals or the loosely based Percy Jackson movies, or like such movies in 2012 as Jason and the Argonauts or Odysseus.

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