Trailer Hopping : Woman in Black is Harrowing

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Posted January 29th, 2012 by popcorn

Howling wind. Ghastly stares of a raggedy and bewildered doll face who looks like she’s seen and been through too much already. Sounds of a toy piano emanating from somewhere in the house. Creepy already. Woman in Black did a fantastic job of sending finger crawling chills up my spine.

Woman in Black trailer used combinations of the best horror movie objects to its advantage. Toys or dolls coming to life are the essence of many horror films, such as “Chucky”, “Dolls”, “Trilogy of Terror” (the last segment about the doll terrorizing the woman).

Then, there is the use of an isolated, dilapidated mansion with all its contents intact; the contents will come to life and haunt the only person brave enough to remain in it. Things will jump and pop out at you, making you jump out of your seat.
The creepiest horror film object is children, especially little girls with long, straight hair. They tend to be the soul of many great horror films, like “The Ring”, “Poltergeist”, or “The Exorcist”.

The girls are often portrayed to resemble dolls – dressed in baby-doll outfits or pajamas, with big, frozen eyes. Their stares seemed to say they have a secret that they won’t or can’t share with you.

The trailer also made great use of having a young girl provide a solemn narration of the story as a poem.

These objects are set in the bone chilling and bleak end of Winter, beginning of Spring timeframe. The in between season captures the stillness of the moment right before new life comes into being, as Spring melts away the last winter snow, creating the mud and slush used in the scenes where the dead were surfacing through the mud and coming out to “play”.

The last trailer scene with Daniel Radcliffe staring out at you as the Woman in Black snuck up behind him sealed the movie as great date night material to take the girl you’ve always wanted to wrap your arms around.

Woman in Black opens next weekend, February 3, 2012, and stars Daniel Radcliffe as a lawyer staying in the house where the woman in black is terrorizing the town. I will be tuning in to see if they have a solid reason for why she is scaring the locals.

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