Trailer Hopping : What to Expect When You're Expecting Is Due to Be Boring

Rating: No Butter
Posted April 17th, 2012 by popcorn

I’d never thought someone would think of turning a self-help book into a movie. And, they’re doing it by applying the “let’s stick a bunch of big stars into the movie” formula like the recent holiday movies, ‘New Year’s Eve’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’. Except, this one isn’t about one holiday or about love; it’s about the it’s-all-about-me stereotypes of pregnant women. The stereotypes seemed to have gone too far with the What to Expect When You’re Expecting trailer.

The trailer starts off with Elizabeth Banks crying about how bad pregnancy is. From there, it’s all downhill. These scenes seemed to be chapters in the book with no connecting points. I’m not following the story or see a real conflict to overcome. Pregnancy and parenthood are challenging, but they’re not entertaining enough to watch on the big screen. This would be better on television where they can expand on the multitudes of problems in separate episodes. There are too many things and possibilities crammed into a two hour movie.

I don’t understand why these movies try to portray as many possible combinations as possible. Why can’t they just follow one or two pregnant women and tell a more complete story instead of throwing in millions of random scenes that don’t say much but to validate something in a book? The trailer shows four very different women – the baby loving woman who becomes the unhappy, hormonally charged woman who hates her pregnancy, the beautiful trophy wife who seems to glow no matter what ends up with twins, the fitness guru who as more energy than she can handle may have more problems handling a baby, and the woman who wants to adopt has to deal with emotional baggage from her husband.

Then, there are the stereotypes of the husbands. They’re all a bunch of super supportive, happy, macho men who’ll do anything for their wives. They’ll take their babies out in style and trash talk happily about how much wrong they’ve done to their babies.

Just because the book is a success, doesn’t mean it’ll become a big hit movie.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is expected in theaters on April 27, 2012. It stars a sleuth of actors: Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, Megan Mullally, Dennis Quaid, Chace Crawford, Rodrigo Santoro, Chris Rock and Joe Manganiello.

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