Trailer Hopping : "From Vegas to Macau" Bets on Colorful Humor and Fast Action

Rating: Butter
Posted February 4th, 2014 by popcorn

From Vegas to Macau played with the gambling capitals of the world, using bright and audacious lights, landscapes and more action-oriented sleight of hand tricks than the last God of Gambler films. Every scene in this trailer appeared grander and more expensive than the last three God of Gambler movies combined. Watching the trailer was like watching exciting and silly circus acts from the top floor of the Grand Lisboa in Macau, where the view alone took your breath away; the rest were just cheap card tricks.

This movie is not the old dark alley gambling movies of the 80’s and 90’s; this movie dared to enter the big leagues of excess wealth and greed, where demands for more magnificent designs and faster card tricks were greater. Color is the theme in this film. Colorful and floral displays were visible in every other scene, with well decorated and beautifully loud and splashy backgrounds, such as women dressed in vivid hues of red, yellow and purple. Every scene was more grandiose than the last, filled with interior designs fit for a millionaire – walls covered with marble and bright red and yellow flora-like paintings and rooms adorned with haute couture sculptures and designs; modern, brightly colored furniture which screamed excitement; and large, wall to wall glass windows showered with the excitement of the city outside. Toss in some fast hand and legs action scenes on a casino cruise ship, and the gambling mecca is complete for tourist attractions.

The stunts were just as spectacularly fitting – crashing through a glass window and falling towards brightly lit, breath-taking views of Macau’s grand high rises. The sound effects for fight scenes had an exciting rhythm, turning some simple hand to hand jabs into adrenaline rushed entertainment. The leg works were even more impressive -- straight, high and strong kicks which made ordinary, non-martial arts actors appeared like they knew what they were doing. Although the plot was ambiguous, the fighting was fun to watch.

From the trailer, the movie looked promising, with a good mix of hard-core action packed sequences by actors who appeared capable of kicking butt, combined with fascinating, almost magical, card tricks. The comical injections seemed a bit too cheesy though. It mixed in cheap jabs at retarded people, the sneeze that blew down an entire house of cards and childish snickers of what is bigger than an ace of spades (a bigger ace of spades). Duh?

From Vegas to Macau appeared to be a bigger budget and splashier film of light, fun and entertaining movie about card tricks, fighting, silly jokes and nothing more. Every scene is so well designed and decorated that they might as well be shot in some fancy Macau casino – bright colors, floras, chic and contemporary designs. There was no direction about the plot or story. It was all fun and games, and that may be what it will bring to the big screen.

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