Trailer Hopping : Three Stooges May Not Stand the Test of Time

Rating: No Butter
Posted March 23rd, 2012 by popcorn

The Three Stooges trailer is a two minute tribute to the black and white originals, showcasing Moe, Larry and Curly’s signature physical comedy and slapstick humor. Although, I’m not certain they can keep an audience entertained for at least an hour and a half with the same repeated physical comedy.

The trailer brings back scene after scene of their trademark physical humor, like “He’s got a headache. Boink! (Moe hits Larry with hammer) No I don’t. How ‘bout now? Yeah, it’s comin.” Or the chain-reaction physical comedies – Moe hits Curly; Curly moves elbow back and hits Larry; Curly hits Moe on forehead.

The last half of the trailer pushed the physical comedy too far without showing any detrimental consequences, like falling off a building, using Curly as a door opener, being hit by a bus and survive -- are all physically violent but knowing that they’ll survive ruins part of the fun and suspense. This may work before the 70s, but now I’d probably be more entertained watching an episode of Jackass. Maybe it needs to be a bit more updated for the 21st century audience.

I was enjoying the trailer until the scene where a very, very well endowed nun comes out of the water in a sexy and surprisingly appealing nun bikini. That completely ruined my innocent childhood images of fun comedy without all the raunchiness, whether it was there in the original or not.

Did they intentionally portray the nun who opened the bag with the three babies as a man? Or, was that supposed to be a man playing a woman?

The Three Stooges is scheduled to open on April 13, 2012. While trying to save their orphanage, they became entangled in a murder plot as well as star in a reality show – probably with the Jersey Shore cast. It stars Sean Hayes as Larry, Will Sasso as Curly, and Chris Diamantopoulous as Moe. The interesting mix of cast also includes Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Hudson, Larry David – who plays a nun, I think. The cast of the Jersey Shore also appear in the film.

The Three Stooges Trailer:
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