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Rating: Butter
Posted June 17th, 2012 by popcorn

The trailer for People Like Us is a beautiful and touching story about a man knee deep in debt who must give $150,000 of his father’s inheritance to a sister and nephew he’s never met. Buried in the main story is a tale about a man torn between using the $150,000 or part of it to cover his debt or give it to two people he never knew.

Of course, the time spent with a beautiful and sweet woman like Elizabeth Banks and a young boy without a father figure will make him give up the money, but will the movie end with some satisfying answers; why does she need the money, will she help him in return and does $150,000 make up for a lifetime of missing parental love and guidance?

The choice of actors in this movie creates likable and believable chemistry. I like Michelle Pfeiffer as she embraces more motherly roles in this movie and in Dark Shadows, and foregoes the hot, young actress image of yesteryear. She has a lost and troubled yet sweet demeanor that you just want to go and hug her and tell her everything’s ok. Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks are both lovable and charming. I’m uncertain what Olivia Wilde’s relationship is to Chris Pine, besides being a good listener, but I hope the movie uses her for more than an ear.

At times, the trailer plays like a romance movie, with date-like scenes and warm, affectionate smiles, and touching child and adult moments. It makes me wonder why anonymity is a requirement. It would be less awkward to state the relationship up front and continue with the story about rebuilding a family bond. Otherwise, People Like Us should be an enjoyable family story.

People Like Us is scheduled to open on June 29, 2012. It stars Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer, Olivia Wilde, and Jon Favreau, who seems to appear in the movie with a very minor role.

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