Trailer Hopping : Pacific Rim Is Action Packed And Ordinary

Rating: No Butter
Posted January 19th, 2013 by popcorn

Guillermo Del Toro gets into the game of big budget action adventure sci-fi films with Pacific Rim, a film about human-controlled robots made to destroy monsters who are trying to take over Earth. The Pacific Rim trailer is an action packed film featuring robots and monsters destroying objects and each other using slow motion punches and kicks. And, that’s all there is to the trailer and probably the movie.

The Pacific Rim trailer is dark, showing mostly action scenes, frightened civilians, and buildings and bridges being crushed under the large arms and jaws of monsters and robots. It's probably intentionally dark to hide all the technical flaws from the viewer, but what is shown does appear well-crafted, like the human body suits and robots. The action scenes are filmed in slow motion, showing every jab, punch and crushing blow – robot arms swinging slowly, monsters crushing bridge, or robot slowly hurled across bridge. If the entire movie was film with slow motion action scenes, it would get boring very quickly.

The trailer appears to have a simple storyline of human controlled robots fighting monsters, in order to save humanity. There is not much in awe-inspiring action other than explosions, monsters terrorizing bridges, cities and scaring people. The movie probably lacks any interesting human story other than two underdogs faced with the challenge of proving their worth by helping to defeat monsters.

And there appears to be very little dialogue; the most may be heard already in the trailer from the “motivational speech”, which does not pack a big enough oomph: “today at the edge of our hope; at the end of our time, we’ve chosen to believe in each other; today we face the monsters that are at our door; today we are cancelling the apocalypse.”

The trailer reminds me of a modernized and technologically updated Godzilla film or a high budget Power Ranger segment with better robots and hopefully better dialogue. Maybe, to lighten things up, the film will bring in a couple segments of classic Godzilla ear-splitting shrieks and sounds, screaming people who would stand dumbstruck for a while, screaming “Godzilla”, before running, and shattering buildings and bridges filled with people who would gawk awhile before escaping.

Despite its lack of anything more than larger than life mechanics blowing, firing and clobbering things to pieces, there will be plenty of fanboys looking for thoughtless fun. And, occasionally I do like me some thoughtless action adventure, but Pacific Rim seems too blasé and lacking in anything that makes me join the fanboys in hand-rubbing, eye-popping, “ooo, I gotta see this” excitement.

Pacific Rim is scheduled to open on July 12, 2013. It stars Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, Clifton Collins Jr., and others.

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