Trailer Hopping : Pace Too Slow for Take This Waltz

Rating: No Butter
Posted April 8th, 2012 by popcorn

The premise of this movie is both a turn-off and a perplexing conundrum, piquing my curiosity. Why would a happily married woman be looking for someone else, unless she really wasn’t happily married? Is the happiness just a façade or is she living in complete denial? These are the questions that the trailer for Take This Waltz doesn’t answer. What it does answer is that the movie seems to be a slow moving, melodramatic movie about exploring ones suppressed desires.

Sarah Polley does a great job selecting the almost perfect cast in this movie.

The trailer does a great job portraying Michelle Williams’ youthful, adorableness through physical attributes, like dressing her in colorful jumpsuits, cute sundresses and baby doll dresses, vibrantly layered tank tops and a budding teenager swimsuit; couple that with her bouncy blonde bob; gigantic can-do-no-wrong round eyes, and the perfect full-cheeked, child-like face and innocent smiles -- all this cuteness makes her difficult to hate in an oh so wrong situation.

Seth Rogen also plays a perfect lovable husband; he always has the appearance of a happy go lucky guy who can bear hug you and make all your worries go away. Sarah Silverman usually plays a sharp-tongue, foul-mouth man in a woman’s body. I’m hoping this role will make her step outside her usual box and provide her with more depth.

From the trailer, Luke Kirby appears too nonchalant to be any more interesting than a telephone pole. Throughout the trailer, he has one look – a half smile that seems like he’s happy, but part of him is not for some unknown reason. They portray him as the hunky guy with an edge every woman dreams about marrying, but somehow ended up with the lovable, nice guy.

Overall, the movie seems to tell a good story with plenty of emotional and internal struggles of right and wrong, but will I watch it? No. The trailer’s pace seems too slow that I’d rather sit through it at home, while I do something else, like enjoy the movie over dinner instead of watching the clock from time to time.

Take This Waltz is scheduled to open in limited release, sometime in June. It stars Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Luke Kirby, Aaron Abrams, Jennifer Podemski, among others.

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