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Rating: No Butter
Posted May 6th, 2012 by popcorn

DreamWorks seemed to have found a formula that worked for their animations and they haven’t changed it yet. Madagascar 3, their latest installment about a group of goof-ball animals trying to find their way home to New York City’s Central Park, includes the same format. The movie entertains by having animals doing physical comedy and silly slapstick humor using catchy and upbeat music. How can you forget -- “I like to move it move it!”

What they lack in smart story-telling and clever jokes and one-liners, like the Pixar movies, they make up with wacky and silly kid’s humor like the zebra in colorful polka-dot doing a dadadada dance or flying through the air from a cannon; the giraffe flying in the air on a tightrope, or the animals in cars flying through the air.
Flying, dancing and constant movement with fast-paced and upbeat music are their main attraction. “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle… yeah.” “… I’m sexy and I know it…” And, they’ve probably just added a couple more catchy tunes to their list.

Besides being strung together by these action scenes, the DreamWorks animation films tend to be slow and boring, with stories that are very simple and dull. So, in a 90 minutes or so movie, there will be about 45 minutes that will be fun, fast-paced, action pack entertainment; the other half will be where the kids will dance, wiggle or find an excuse to escape their seats.

The animation is interestingly flat. There is a front view and a back view, and everything else in between is flat and angular. Maybe 3-D actually has meaning for them.

The Madagascar movie has more well known actors doing voices than any other movie I’ve seen. The roll call includes Ben Stiller as Alex, Chris Rock as Marty, David Schwimmer as Melman , Jada Pinkett Smith – Gloria and Sacha Baron Cohen voicing King Julien XIII. The film also includes Cedric the Entertainer, Andy Richter, Frances McDormand, Bryan Cranston, Martin Short, Jessica Chastain, Paz Vega, John DiMaggio, Tom McGrath and Chris Miller.

Madagascar 3 is scheduled to open on June 8, 2012. It will premier at the Cannes Film Festival in late May 2012.

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