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Rating: Butter
Posted February 12th, 2012 by popcorn

Ah! Too much fading in and out of scenes. Stop it. It’s hurting my eyes and interrupting my attention span, or enjoyment of the trailer.

Wow. Guy Pearce looks buff. Not only that, his voice even sounds deeper. Must be the steroids talking.

I like how the narrator’s voice is deep and creepy, as if he were narrating a horror movie and introducing the most horrific creature known to man-kind, which is …. ready for this? (low-pitched, slow-motion man’s voice): man-kind.

What’s interesting is the spaceship or outer space scenes look like the live version of the spaceship that the animated characters were on in the movie, Mars Needs Mom. The gravity generated scene reminds me of Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Am I seeing a blend of various bits and pieces of many movies in one? That’s ok with me, considering most movies are still entertaining even if there was nothing unique or original about them – as long as the scene combinations are well thought out and cohesively strung together.

One scene that I don’t quite understand is why they need such a beautiful woman to interview one of the most deranged looking men? For what purpose other than eye candy for the male viewers? Considering how dangerous and mentally unstable the prisoners are supposed to be, they will blow up anything in sight, regardless if the interviewer was male or female, sexy or not.

And, why outside of earth would anyone want to go on a good-will mission to the most dangerous place outside of earth when there are so many other good-will projects on Earth? In fact, which government department allowed civilians to visit such an institution? Rhetorical question considering the President knew about her visit and probably allowed it.

Despite how terribly made the trailer is, it’s hard to pass up a movie with Guy Pearce being the best and a “loose cannon.” That’s a psychotic combination in itself and I hope the movie lives up to the craziness it promises.

The Lockout is scheduled to open on April 20, 2012. It stars Guy Pearce as Snow who will be sent to the outer space prison to rescue the President’s daughter, Emilie Warnock, played by Maggie Grace. Other actors include Peter Stormare, Joseph Gilgun, Lennie James, Vincent Regan, and Anne-Solenne Hatte, among others.

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