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Rating: Butter
Posted April 8th, 2012 by popcorn

Ah, Motown of the 60’s – the catchy, timeless music of talented and seductive singers like Diana Ross, the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and many others; the smoky allure of extravagant and gaudy dresses of women’s groups along with their silky smooth hot iron pressed hair.

Everything about the trailer is crispy clean and gorgeous – sharp clothes, glamorous faces, well-decorated homes and packed churches, and show rooms or bars filled with lights, glitz and bling.

What this trailer doesn’t do that the original does is tell the story like it is – it’s about a family struggling with fame and drugs. The remake trailer only shows the glamour of the women and their music, the handsomeness of the men, and the cat fights between the women. There is no mention of drugs and fame, and it may be due to the untimely death of Whitney Houston and her real-life struggle with fame and drugs.

Even the short description on states that the movie is about close-knit sisters falling apart after their Motown fame, while the short description of the 1976 original Sparkle does mention drugs and fame. No matter; the high energy and splashiness of the new trailer will definitely draw big movie-going crowds, especially those who want to catch a last glimpse of one of the greatest of greats, Whitney Houston.

Overall, whether the Cinderella story is well told or well-acted doesn’t matter, and it may be no match to Dreamgirls; what does matter is you’ll go to hear the beautiful music and the beautiful people parading about in their 60’s hot clothes. It doesn’t hurt that Cee-Lo and Whitney Houston also belt out new tunes for this movie.

Sparkle is scheduled to open on August 17, 2012. The movie stars Jordin Sparks of American Idol fame as Sparkle Williams, the sister with talent but overshadowed by her much prettier and affectionate sister, Delores Williams, played by Tika Sumpter. The other sister is Carmen Ejogo, who appears to be a background actress, there to fill the third sister gap and has nothing interesting to do or say. Whitney Houston plays the Williams sisters’ mother, who used to be a singer.

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