Trailer Hopping : John Carter, Like Its Name, is Plain and Boring

Rating: No Butter
Posted January 31st, 2012 by popcorn

Great visuals, not so great movie. Nothing riveting, eye catching or unique about the story.

The John Carter trailer started with an invincible man slashing down an abominable creature. He also used his super-human strength to leap through air and vanquish most of the enemy’s army with what appeared to be only one mighty stroke. There is no suspense or thrill in watching a man with too much power and immortality.

Throw out the thrill in an action-adventure and sci-fi movie and all you have left is the special effects. Who wants to pay to see some visual effects and a story line that’s already been told? I want to be emotionally invested in the characters and not the visuals.

The John Carter books by E.R. Burroughs may be a precursor to the most popular sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Avatar or even action-adventure movies like Prince of Persia, but it jumped onto the movie bandwagon a little too late. Other directors have already told a better story with more vivid and original imagination and landscapes about a man fighting someone else’s battle in another world. Having the movie come out now only makes it seem like a copycat.

The trailer has too many black space pauses that seemed to last forever. Changing scenes should be seamless and inconspicuous. When you blink and the black screen is still there, that means it’s too long. Fill the space with nothing or something else – text, whatever, but not blackness. Besides that, it’s a freaking $250 million movie – fill the empty spaces with more scenes.

About 30 seconds into the preview, the trailer showed Disney’s signature castle and fireworks. Why? This is no Chronicles of Narnia nor Tron. There are no children in the trailer and does not have “kid-friendly” written anywhere in the trailer; although it probably wouldn’t hurt to have something written in the black spaces.

John Carter is scheduled to open on March 9, 2012. The movie stars Taylor Kitsch as John Carter, plus a long list of decent stars, like Bryan Cranston, William Dafoe, Mark Strong and Lynn Collins.

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