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Posted November 28th, 2012 by popcorn

Pumped up and badass, Drop the Lime’s State Trooper music, helped propel the Jack Reacher trailer to a high energy and fun movie worth watching. It’s amazing what a big difference the right music can do for a trailer. It also helps that the Jack Reacher trailer moves fast, is action packed and has a small slice of Tom Cruise’s action hero and tough guy humor.

From beginning to end, the trailer keeps the viewer longing for Jack Reacher’s next crazy statement or action, by telling a story of a tough guy who just doesn’t cease to stop surprising the other characters in the movie or the viewer. The police who was describing him tells of an invisible guy who only shows up when he wants to and all of a sudden, Jack Reacher appears. Jack Reacher’s audacious actions and words become bolder and beyond insanity as the trailer progresses; yet his craziness is what makes him likeable.

The trailer tells a convincing story of an anti-hero worth cheering for because underneath the tough guy exterior is a guy working for justice. It starts with a description of Jack Reacher as a mediocre military police investigator who is marred by trouble and violence, and works on his own terms. As the trailer states: “The law has limits. He does not,” and he is constantly testing that limit and playing his odds because he “has nothing to lose.” He gambled the life of the lawyer by angrily stating that “…the lawyer is all yours,” while the kidnappers were trying to threaten him; his next surprise is he reversed roles and threatens the kidnapper instead.

Tom Cruise plays a believable stoic man of few words whose action speaks louder and with a lot more oomph than the few sentences he seemed to mustard throughout the trailer. His tough guy always has a humorous smirk and a sense of humor that makes him likeable. The scene at the end draws the trailer to an entertaining conclusion and leaves the viewer with a sense of satisfaction that he got away in style; Jack Reacher walked out of his moving car and into a crowd of men waiting for the bus while a line of police cars went chasing after a runaway car. The crowd in the trailer and the viewers were both enjoying a little secret from the police.

Jack Reacher is scheduled to open on December 21, 2012. It stars Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, Rosamund Pike, Alexander Rhodes, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog and others.

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