Trailer Hopping : Jack the Giant Killer: May Have Action But No Thrill

Rating: No Butter
Posted January 10th, 2012 by popcorn

Jack the Giant Killer. There’s no mystery what will happen. Jack killed the Giant. End of Story. Not mentioned in the title is that Jack probably saved the princess, too? So, the entertainment comes in whether or not everything in the middle is an action-packed and fun adventure. Based on the trailer, the movie doesn't look too exciting.

The trailer opened with too many blank scenes filled with narration. In fact, this trailer seems to have too many fading black screens that make me think it wasn’t pieced together well. I can’t quite place the effect of the music. It’s completely synchronized with every scene and every word introduction, but there is an unsettling feeling created by the music.

The trailer combines the Jack and the Beanstalk folklore with a prince saving the princess story. In the folklore, Jack trades his cow for some magic beans. His mother or he plants the seeds and it grows into a giant beanstalk. Jack climbs the beanstalk and steals riches from the giant. When the giant follows, Jack chops down the beanstalk, kills the giant and lives happily ever after.

The trailer takes a different spin on the fairy tale and seems to focus more on the fighting sequences between the Giant and everyone else. Based on the involvement of a princess, instead of stealing riches from the Giant, maybe Jack acquires it after saving the princess.

The trailer also leaves a lot of story gaps. How a poor lad like Jack is acquainted with the princess is a complete mystery at this point or why he is asked or coerced into saving the princess from the Giant. I also do not know how the princess was whisked away by the beanstalk, assuming that the princess was not in Jack’s house at the time the plant started growing exponentially.

The scene I can’t piece in to the story is of the woman with the bodacious white boobs stripping off her cloak as she sways her way towards the king. Is she supposed to be the princess? If so, I didn’t expect a princess with that much attitude.
Jack the Giant Killer is scheduled to open June 15, 2012. The story takes the classic fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk and turns it into an action-adventure movie, as directed by Bryan Singer who directed the first two X-men movies. The movie stars Nicholas Hoult as farmer Jack, joined by a cast of mostly men, Stanley Lucci, Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy, and Ian McShane.

Jack the Giant Killer continues a trend of fairy tale action-adventure movies in 2012, including “ Snow White and the Huntsman” and “ Mirror Mirror”. Of the three, I’m leaning towards Snow White and the Huntsman as the blockbuster winner of them all.

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