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Rating: Butter
Posted February 25th, 2012 by popcorn

I watched this trailer without sound and it looked frightening. I watched it again with the headphones, and the sound made a small difference. The visuals were suspenseful and intense, capturing every minute detail through slow moving frames and fast flashing bits and pieces of the intruder, scaring me with shadows lurking behind doors as if I were a young child afraid of the monsters in my closet.

Some of the scenes are too cliché, about monsters lurking in the dark and frightening children, such as scaring the children at night using squeaky doors and slow moving children in nightgowns, scaring them while they’re hiding under a cover, or scaring them with over-sized shadows of hands and heads.

The two young teenagers seemed too calm, after witnessing or seeing an intruder in their rooms. If I were a young teenager and an “intruder” came into my room, I would be screaming and shaking in fear, not bewildered and whispering like the young girl who told her dad the intruder was here.

The intention may be to build suspense and interest in the movie, but creating scenes that flash by too quickly like watching blinking eyelids only induces seizure like headaches from start to finish.

Imagine this flashing by in one and a half minutes -- creaking door with young girl waking up, name of director, father and daughter, text, boy screaming, father and daughter, boy again, girl, father and daughter, text, buildings, boy under covers, text, girl, text, boy, girl, girl and father, text, boy and house, girl and father, boy and shadows, girl and mother, priests, police, father, girl and doctor, girl and priest, boy, family and cameras, boy and covers, text, boy, fire, back to family, text, girl, family, text, people and a billion more flashes before it ends. Ah! Slow it down a bit and it would still be enjoyable.

This may turn out to be a story about people visiting other people in their dreams, but the story leading up to it seems intriguing and suspenseful enough to watch and find out the ending.

Intruders is scheduled to open on March 30, 2012. It stars Clive Owen as the father of a teenage girl played by Ella Purnell who sees an intruder while in another country, a teenage boy is seeing an intruder also.

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