Trailer Hopping : The Host Appears to be a Rewritten Twilight With Aliens

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Posted November 18th, 2012 by popcorn

The Host trailer provides a brief glimpse of a story of love, survival and moral or ethical debates or issues. The movie may not end up providing more than that or provide an interesting back story of why aliens would invade, how some humans manage to escape their wrath and manage to survive.

Based on what’s shown in the trailer, The Host is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where an end to human civilization is caused by alien invasion of human bodies creating an undesirable futuristic society. The story of aliens conquering humans is nothing original or groundbreaking -- the draw, of course, is love. Love will always win and conquer hearts of millions of teenage and young adults, especially females. They could easily have skipped the action sequences in the trailer and it would still have the same impact and appeal.

And, because the writer is Stephenie Meyer of the popular Twilight series, the trailer seems to market heavily towards the Twilight crowd. Yet, The Host is supposed to be Meyer’s adult novel and not another Young Adult romance novel. The parallels to Twilight include a love story between a human/alien and a human -- in reverse roles (the guy, Jared, is human and the girl, Melanie, is part alien, also known as Wanda); vampires replace by aliens invading humans; and surviving in a cruel world with dictatorial adult figures or in this cases aliens. Continuing along the Twilight parallels, in the end, Jared and Melanie may have to have a child to save humanity, unless Melanie’s will can win over Wanda’s.

“Human bodies … are not like the others we’ve inhabited… their emotions are powerful. If her will has survived along with her memories, she may resist from within…” This statement seems to imply that humans could overthrow their alien parasites through sheer will power and become themselves again, but that just sounds too easy of a story. Then again, it is another Stephenie Meyer story and so far, they are not meant to be complicated or thought-provoking.

The Host is scheduled to open on March 29, 2013. It stars Saoirse Ronan, William Hurt, Diane Kruger, Jake Abel, Max Irons, Boyd Hollbrook, Frances Fisher, Chandler Canterbury, Andrea Frankle, Scott Lawrence, J.D. Evermore, and others.

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