Trailer Hopping : Horror Fest - Lovely Molly, Detention, Keyhole, Apartment 143, Womb

Rating: No Butter
Posted April 8th, 2012 by popcorn

Horror movies seemed to be all the craze lately, especially cheaply made horror films involving a shaky videocam and some screaming woman. Instead of writing a trailer review a week on the many horrors popping up like, Detention, Keyhole, Apartment 143 or Womb, I decided to lump them together and write it all as Lovely Molly. Granted, Lovely Molly does have some big marketing names behind the horror flick, like the director of Blair Witch Project or the executive producer to Lord of the Rings, it may be just the same as the rest of horror – a low budget cheap thrill.

Lovely Molly is a horror about a woman who moves back into her deceased father’s home and haunted by spirits that are either real or fragments of her hallucination, due to substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms.

Gretchen Lodge who plays Molly does an excellent job of holding the mostly one woman movie together as a believable terrified and slowly “loosing-it” woman. Her entire face and body reacts to the horror in every scene, that at times, it is believably frightening. For the most part though, the movie doesn’t have enough a “boo!” factor or an element of horror surprise. It’s expected when she would be frightened and when things would pop out at her.

I’m not certain if it’s the poor quality of the trailer or if it was intentional that the trailer looks like it was done in the 90s, with many outdated items and decorations throughout the house, like the curtains, lamps and everything else. Even the outfits, like her yellow vest or even yellow, appear to be fading over time. The horror itself could have been made that many years ago. The images and scare tactics appear done and redone.

Lovely Molly is scheduled to open on June 22, 2012. The other horror movies mentioned may or may not make it to theaters. The movie stars Gretchen Lodge as Molly, as well as Alexandra Holden, Johnny Lewis, Ken Arnold, Tony Ellis, Lauren Lakis and many others.

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