Trailer Hopping : Here Comes the Boom Sounds Funny Enough

Rating: Butter
Posted September 29th, 2012 by popcorn

The most interesting title for a 2012 movie goes to “Here Comes the Boom”. Ambiguous, yes, but cool -- as cool as an overweight, schlump like Kevin James fighting mix martial arts. And that’s the start of the fun.
Here Comes the Boom trailer looks like a funny, silly and superficial comedy that aims to ironically inspire students and challenge oneself to defy the odds. Kevin James as a biology teacher is nothing short of being a bad role model for students – shows up to school late and fails to escape notice from the principal by climbing through an open window or performs an unsuccessful science experiment and breaks a window in the process, then blames a student -- but stripped of the reality and seriousness, it is quite funny and entertaining.
The humor revolves around Kevin James as a laid-back, slacker and somewhat irresponsible teacher who is the antithesis of inspiration or motivation, but decides to do one good deed and save the school’s extra-curricular activities from being cut due to budget constraints.
Most of the fun comes in watching Kevin James’ underdog character perform physical feats and fail. Kevin James sets up his routines with great confidence and when he fails, it’s hard not to laugh at him, like the last scene in the trailer where Kevin James confidently shoots a basketball with the aid of a jumping board and misses the basketball hoop by a mile. There are also plenty of blooper moments surrounding Kevin James being beaten while attempting to learn or fight mix martial arts or falling off the side of a ring.
Here Comes the Boom may have an unrealistic storyline about an irresponsible guy who doesn’t seemed to care too much about school show such great determination to help the students keep their extra-curricular programs, but the humor of a silly and funny Kevin James makes up for the lack of reality.
Here Comes the Boom is scheduled to open on October 12, 2012. It stars Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler, Gregg Paul, Reggie Lee, Melissa Peterman, Greg Germann, Gary Valentine, Bas Rutten, Nicholas Grava, Joe Rogan and others.

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