Trailer Hopping : The Giant Mechanical Man Needs Some Lovin'

Rating: Butter
Posted April 8th, 2012 by popcorn

It’s hard to watch a trailer like the Giant Mechanical Man and not feel sorry for the leads. So much so that you want to go and cheer them on, and give them a reason to keep living and loving.

Talk about introducing two characters who are down in the dumps and have been kicked too many times. “’What kind of complaints?’ ... ‘ She seems distracted and disinterested with her head in the clouds’… ‘So what you’re say is’… ‘You’re fired. That’s what I’m actually saying.’”

Then, the double whammy when she stays at a friend’s place after being fired who reminds her that they’re paying the bills. “Go team Janice. Team that pays the bills.”

There’s the love interest – an easy-going zoo cleaner who dresses as a giant mechanical man, hence the title, labeled as a “.. thirty something. You got no real future to speak off… you’re all silver.” All that, coming from some guy who looks like a priest. Ouch.

Throw them together and badabing-badabang, a depressing romance movie about two lonely people finding love. I thought it was romantic and cute. A lot more engaging than the last romantic hit, The Vow, without the handsome hunky, good-looking and sexy characters like Channing Tatum or Rachel McAdams.

Although the movie is a romantic comedy, it does appear more sarcastic and sad romantic than funny. The fun is in the irony of staying at a friend’s without being offered any privacy, like having the husband ride his exercise bike in the morning. Or, how much you feel sorry for Janice for having friends who try to help you by belittling you – “Janice doesn’t have that much experience with guys. Right Janice?” Or, meeting a motivational speaker who teaches conversation and have the guy talk way too much or be overly confident or egotistical.

I’d watch just to make myself feel better knowing that no matter how bad it gets, life seems much better than how they have it.

The Giant Mechanical Man is scheduled to open in April 27, 2012. The movie stars Jenna Fischer, Chris Messina, Topher Grace, Malin Ackerman, Lucy Punch, Rich Sommer, Bob Odenkirk, and others.

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