Trailer Hopping : Darling Companion Lacks Chemistry

Rating: No Butter
Posted February 19th, 2012 by popcorn

I really wanted to like this movie, not because of the story line, but because of the cast. Kevin Klein, Diane Keaton, Dianne Wiest, and Richard Jenkins – hard to turn down a group of talented and entertaining actors, except the trailer was a complete let-down.

The movie is about a woman who loves a dog she found more than her husband and then her husband loses the dog. Considering how wrong this story line is, I was hoping for some over the top comedy – funniness that makes you pee in your pants, knowing it’s extreme and a bit unrealistic, but all it offered was a cheesy “missing person’s” search for a dog and a discovery of love taken for granted, I presume.

The trailer does not have emotional appeal or chemistry between the actors. I did not care for the dog, Freeway, nor the characters, because there wasn’t enough about the dog or characters to draw me into any of the scenes. The characters seemed to stand well on their own, but when brought into scenes with each other, everyone appeared a bit standoffish and uncomfortable together. Besides bringing on the “aw” factor for using such a gorgeous dog, the dog was just a shadow running through fields or sitting in the trailer. He didn’t do anything spectacular or memorable to induce the “oh, I have to watch this” reaction.

I was hoping for more laughs, but I may have set my expectations too high considering this is only a drama and not a comedy. The trailer did try to garner some laughs by having Kevin Klein imitate other animals or adding some sarcastic humor about the psychic woman, but it was comedy that has already been done too many times that there is nothing left to laugh about them.

The sceneries in the trailer are beautifully shot – using full advantage of the colorful Autumn foliage, glistening white Winter snow, and the picturesque mountain ranges, but the activities taking place in the scenes are awkward. In one scene, all you saw were people standing in fields screaming for Freeway, or Diane Keaton shouting in earshot of animals partially hidden behind some branches, or Kevin Klein falling from a tree in the rain – what’s that all about?

Darling Companion is scheduled to open on April 20, 2012. In addition to the names mentioned above – the movie also includes Sam Shepard, Mark Duplass, Elizabeth Moss, Ayelet Zurer and Jay Ali.

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