Trailer Hopping : The Cold Light of Day Has Some Warmth

Rating: Butter
Posted February 17th, 2012 by popcorn

The story sounds like what would happen if one of the children from True Lies grows up and finds out his father is a CIA. The movie is about a young American man played by Henry Cavill who must defend himself and save his kidnapped family while on vacation in Spain. Along the way, he discovers new truths about his father’s work with the CIA.

The trailer makes good use of the sound effects to build a good, suspenseful and action filled trailer. Although, it’s hard to piece together the trailer into a well-constructed story. At times, the trailer feels too "all over the place".

The entire trailer looks too dark, and uses mostly dark or night scenes. They’re shooting in Madrid, Spain, a city that has grand architecture and great scenery visible during broad daylight. Why would they choose to shoot so many scenes at night and hide all that beauty?

The trailer uses too much overly dramatic music as sound effects – every gesture has a sound associated with it. It creates happiness, suspense, tension and fear of the unknown with distinctly different sounds, like the guitar in the beginning, the drum beats of suspense, the gun shots and the fast pace running up the steps.

Trailer has a wide range of sounds – not a one or two instrument background music. It mixes together a bunch of varied sounds, either synthetic or with real instruments at every movement. You can hear sounds of guitar, drums, and other instruments, along with imitated camera flashes, glasses breaking, gun shots, and other echoes. I think the sounds of guns are overused in too many scenes, though.

Not only are there too many sounds, but the talking seemed to be done through a microphone, where I can sometimes hear some residual echoes.

The Cold Light of Day is scheduled to open on April 6, 2012. Henry Cavill plays Will Shaw and Bruce Willis plays his father, Martin. Henry’s mother is played by Caroline Goodall and Sigourney Weaver plays someone whom we don’t know is good or bad, yet. I’m not certain who the actress is who plays the young Spanish lady, but in the last scene where her side profile is showing, she looks just like Penelope Cruz.

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