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Rating: No Butter
Posted April 15th, 2012 by popcorn

The trailer for Chimpanzee has beautifully shot footage of adorable cuddly chimps frolicking in luscious green forest. The sceneries look picturesque enough to be on the Discovery or National Geographic Channels on television. Anything beyond that seems like unnecessary excessiveness – like watching it on a big screen in the theaters.

Not sure how much Disney invested in this movie or if it’s a big risk for Disney to show it in so many theaters, but I can’t imagine parents wanting to take their children to watch this movie in the theaters. Sure, the chimps are cute, but cute only lasts five to ten minutes for young kids. After that, children will need action, humor or energetic music to keep them in their place. The trailer doesn’t show anything other than cute, and seems to market to an older crowd than the family audience.

The music suited the situations. The sunny day music turns into dramatic drum beats as our 3 year old, curious, playful chimp, Oscar, who comes from a big family is suddenly alone. When he finds the one who will raise him, we hear this is home, and we are where we belong song sung by I don’t know who. If I’m just stating the obvious it’s because I don’t have much to say about this documentary.

If the trailer answered how or why he was left alone, it would add another sympathetic factor to Oscar’s sad story. I would be more emotional attached knowing that his parents couldn’t find him than knowing that they didn’t want him or chose to abandon him.

Although I’m interested in the subject matter and am a fan of Jane Goodall’s work, I haven’t paid to see a documentary in a theater yet and probably won’t start with this one. Something about that creative fictional element of surprise and wonderment makes it more worth paying ten bucks for. Everything else seems like news.

Chimpanzee is scheduled to open on April 20, 2012. It has real footage of Oscar the chimp, his family and his adopted father.

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