Trailer Hopping : Action Packed and Sexy Women – What’s G.I. Joe to Retaliate?

Rating: Butter
Posted January 8th, 2012 by popcorn

Am I lame to not know what the heck is happening in the GI Joe Retaliation trailer? I can’t separate the good guys are from the bad guys; partly because I am not as familiar with the G.I. Joe characters as the fanboys, and partly because I can’t see the characters’ faces to see good or bad character acting. The trailer strings together a series of action scenes, filled with gun fires and explosions. I can expect great action and little good story telling.

Half way through the trailer, it looks like the Cobras have taken over the White House. Taking over the White House will create a bigger issue than just a fight against the Cobras. It triggers a national emergency and could cause World War III. Something’s wrong with this picture. Another scene that seems improbable is the scene with the stunt guys zipping between mountain sides and fighting. This looks like constricted fun, but which bad guy would climb a mountain in bright colors? I’d think they’d want to be camouflaged and hidden. Although, I’d be interested to see how many fighting variations they come up with, with one hand tied and gravity pulling them down, besides the jumping, flipping and sword chopping. But, this is a movie based off of a childhood cartoon—can’t expect too much logic, just good action. And, it certainly delivers on action.

I’ve only seen one Jon Chu movie, Step Up 2, and this sounds like a great dance movie. There were synchronized sounds of bombs, gunshots – ba-ba-ba-boom, and camera flashes – ch, ch, ch, chut, dance club beats during the president and bad guy scenes, and slinky and sashaying hot women in red. Either that or the people putting the trailer together are mixing movie beats.

G.I. Joe Retaliation is scheduled to open on June 29, 2012. The movie stars Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock, Channing Tatum returning as Captain Duke Hauser, and Bruce Willis as Joe Colton. When the G.I. Joe’s were assassinated by the Cobras, they plan a counterattack.

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