Trailer Hopping : 50/50 Laughter is Best Medicine

Rating: Butter
Posted September 25th, 2011 by popcorn

10/16/11: I thought 50/50 would have too much sex and vulgar jokes to be better than average, but I was proven wrong. The movie is liked by both critics and audiences, receiving over 90% critics and audiences ratings from It opened with $8.6mil, and stayed within the top 5 spots for the past 3 weeks.

9/25/11:Cute and once in awhile laugh out loud fun. Love the set up of the trailer in steps of recovery progression. If there's anyone who can turn cancer into a light and humorous subject, it would be Seth Rogen, tapping into the 18-34 male audience with, he said it--sex, drugs and profanity. Trailer plays like a bunch of funny one-liners, injected into roughly transitioned scenes. Go watch it with a bunch of pals, stoned and delirious, and it will definitely be the best feel-good movie of the year(s). Otherwise, it's really just plain cute and lightly buttered.

50/50 Trailer:
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