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/Filmcast Ep. 319 – Tomorrowland David, Devindra, and Jeff continue their coverage of SIFF, discuss one of Steven Soderbergh’s underappreciated thrillers, and wonder how some great films get lost in the ether. Also, in this week’s After Dark, the guys discuss how difficult it is to come up with a lasting, meaningful name for something.


Who Is Tomorrowland For? Walt Disney Pictures Let’s just get this out of the way right now: movies are for everyone, but some movies are more specifically tailored for different audiences. Tomorrowland, Disney’s latest attempt at an original live-action outing, is a feel-good family-friendly feature that, thanks to an assortment of slip-ups and mishaps, was not only made for the wrong audience, but then sold to them to boot. The George Clooney-starring feature opened over the holiday weekend, and was quickly dinged as a flop, thanks to a weekend take that currently sits just below $42 million (per BoxOfficeMojo).

Box-Office: ‘Tomorrowland’ Takes #1 But Disappoints On One Of The Worst Memorial Day Weekends In Over 10 Years There were early reports that said Universal’s “Pitch Perfect 2” was going to have the edge over Disney’s “Tomorrowland,” and while those calculations were wrong, it was close. “Tomorrowland” took the #1 spot this weekend with a $32.2 million bow, but considering it was a would-be four-quadrant tentpole on almost 4000 screens that could crossover into the lucrative kids market (and the parents that have to take them there), this wasn’t exactly a stellar opening, and you can bet Disney was hoping for something north of $50 million.

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" Takes the Number One Spot at the Foreign Box Office announced the weekend box office results for this past week where Disney and Marvel Studios' film "Avengers: Age of Ultron" dominated the international box office yet again. The Avengers sequel grossed $66.7 million internationally; the film has already grossed an astounding $860 million worldwide with an added $210 million made in China.Disney's sci-fi adventure film, "Tomorrowland", opened this weekend with an estimated $26.7 million internationally. Warner Bros. Pictures "Mad Max: Fury Road" continues to perform well overseas.

‘Pitch Perfect 2′ May Beat ‘Tomorrowland’ At This Weekend’s Box Office For the second week in a row, director Elizabeth Banks' film remains on top.

Memorial Day Mashup: A Tribute to the Holiday Box Office (Video) This long holiday weekend serves up box-office bait “Tomorrowland” and a “Poltergeist” retread, but let’s not forget all of the great (and not so great) Memorial Day weekend releases that entertained past audiences. Watch TheWrap’s “Memorial Day,” a trailer mash-up tribute to the biggest box office hits the holiday has ever seen. What’s your favorite? See TheWrap’s Memorial Day Viewing Guide: 11 Alternatives to Avoid Summer Sunburn: Related stories from TheWrap:Memorial Day Mashup: A Tribute to the Holiday Box Office (Video)'Human C

Watch a Few Clips and Go Behind the Scenes of Tomorrowland If you’re still not sold on the sci-fi adventure, then maybe these clips will change your mind. Based on early Friday numbers Tomorrowland is on track to finish Memorial Day weekend on top at the domestic box office. So I guess the pin doesn’t work on anyone. This clip is called “All will be explained” […] Read Watch a Few Clips and Go Behind the Scenes of Tomorrowland on Filmonic.

Damon Lindelof says fanboys won't admit to liking Tomorrowland Damon Lindelof has taken a swipe at online reactions to Tomorrowland, claiming that "fanboys" won't admit to liking the film on account of their wanting

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