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Anchorman 3 Apparently A Total “Never Gonna Happen”, Adam McKay Says No Sequels Of Any Kind – Though Anchorman 2 was an apparent labor of love that required some persistent lobbying of the studio, and while a sequel to Step Brothers was touted at various points in the past, director Adam McKay is now making it clear that he and Will Ferrell won’t be collaborating on any more sequels.

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Exclusive: Adam McKay Talks 'Anchorman 2' – 'New York City is the team's holy grail'It's no secret that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has Empire counting down the days like a kid at a Christmas sweet shop. We've been bothering people about for about five years - try this 2008 interview with Judd Apatow for starters - and now it's nearly here, the self-pinching has begun in earnest. 7 years 29 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Exclusive: Adam McKay Says 'Anchorman 2' Will Have Musical Numbers, Wants "Murderer's Row" Of Day Players In Supporting Roles

Anchorman 2 – To say that Adam McKay is busy would be an understatement. The writer/producer/director has about a half dozen various projects on the go, and when we caught up with him this afternoon, he was in the midst of doing interviews for dark indie comedy "Fully Loaded," which he executive produced. 7 years 44 weeks ago via jackiechan

Christina Applegate not yet confirmed to return for 'Anchorman 2'

Anchorman 2 – Christina Applegate reveals she is not sure if she will return for Anchorman 2. 8 years 14 weeks ago via brucelee

Adam McKay Talks ANCHORMAN 2; Film Might Take Place at the Dawn of the 24-Hour News Cycle

Anchorman – When we last left Anchorman 2, director and co-writer Adam McKay was willing to divulge little about the highly-anticipated sequel. The only hints he dropped about the plot were the couple phrases "Bowling for dollars" and "custody battle". Now he's provided a few more details about the story, and they sound perfect for the Channel 4 news team and the comic potential for the sequel.

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'Anchorman 2' Details from Director Adam McKay

Anchorman – The subject of Anchorman 2 has been bouncing around Hollywood for years, but it was just a few weeks ago that Ron Burgundy himself, Will Ferrell, appeared in character on Conan to announce that he and Paramount had reached a deal to bring the suave San Diego newsman back for a sequel.

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'Anchorman' Sequel: A $50 Million Compromise

Anchorman – Writer-director Adam McKay reveals what it took to bring Will Ferrell back to classy San Diego. 8 years 23 weeks ago via brucelee

Will Ferrell To Return For 'Anchorman 2'

Anchorman – EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned the sequel finally came together today. The comedy Anchorman 2 will be produced under mogul Judd Apatow’s banner. Adam McKay will direct as well as write the script with Will Ferrell who will star again as Ron Burgundy along with the 2004 original’s castmembers Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

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