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Paramount, Tom Cruise, Brad Grey & JJ Abrams Slapped With $1B ‘Ghost Protocol’ Copyright Suit

deadline.com – Accusations of stolen screenplay ideas and the lawsuits that follow are pretty standard stuff in Hollywood. Some come from established writers but many come from creditless claimants banging on the gates for big bucks seeking what they say is rightfully theirs. 7 years 10 weeks ago via jetli

Paramount Places 'Mission: Impossible' for Rent on Facebook

thewrap.com – With the release of "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" less than a month away, Paramount Pictures has accepted a new mission: to release the first three installments for rent via Facebook. 9 years 22 weeks ago via theothersenhman

'The Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Preview Will Show Only on 70mm IMAX Screens

feedproxy.google.com – We’ve got additional confirmation that six minutes from The Dark Knight Rises will be shown in front of Paramount’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol when that film opens on December 16, as /Film revealed last week. But there’s a catch. You’ll have to head to a ‘real’ IMAX screen to see the footage, as it will only be shown in theaters properly equipped with 70mm IMAX projectors. 9 years 26 weeks ago via donnieyen
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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Director Brad Bird and Producer J.J. Abrams bring us the action packed, entertainment event of the holiday season with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL. The new film in the series, which has grossed $2 billion dollars worldwide, will feature a new team: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton...
Brad Bird
December 21, 2011

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