Full Trailer, The Lone Ranger


The New Trailer for The Lone Ranger is Online

comingsoon.net – Walt Disney Pictures has released the new trailer for The Lone Ranger , opening in theaters on July 3. 7 years 5 days ago via jackiechan

'The Lone Ranger' Debuts a Japanese Trailer

comingsoon.net – A Japanese trailer for director Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger is now online. 7 years 10 weeks ago via theothersenhman

'The Lone Ranger' Trailer #2: High Stakes on a Train

feedproxy.google.com – I can’t get over Johnny Depp doing the whole “Kemosabe” schtick as Tonto. Can’t do it. Maybe with time, it’ll get easier, but it makes almost zero sense that amid a sea of modernized remakes and adaptations, Gore Verbinski and Disney would hold tight to a stereotypical trapping from a different era that didn’t seem to know any better. 7 years 23 weeks ago via jetli

Watch: First Trailer For 'The Lone Ranger' Features A Whole Bunch Of Trains, Surprisingly Little Johnny Depp

The Lone Ranger
fb.indiewire.com – If last year's "Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" proved anything, it's that perhaps Gore Verbinski had got a rough ride. The second and third movies of the Disney mega-franchise may have been bloated, indulgent and sometimes uninvolving, but they looked like masterpieces compared to Rob Marshall's fourth installment, which lacked the inventiveness, weirdness and... 7 years 33 weeks ago via donnieyen
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The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger
From producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski, the filmmaking team behind the blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, comes Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ “The Lone Ranger,” a thrilling adventure infused with action and humor, in which the famed masked hero is brought to...
Gore Verbinski
July 03, 2013