Development, Tommy Lee Jones

Roadside Attractions Times were rough when America was just starting out, and Tommy Lee Jones’s The Homesman (based on the novel by Glendon Swarthout) does not shy away from this fact, but despite the difficult situations The Homesman tackles, it never strips the country of its natural beauty.

‘The Homesman’ U.S. Trailer: Tommy Lee Jones Returns to the Director’s Chair Nearly ten years after making the leap to directing with The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Tommy Lee Jones is back behind the camera with The Homesman. (In the interim, he made The Sunset Limited for cable.) The new film is a Western, like the last one was, but of a very different type. Hilary Swank stars as tough frontier woman Mary Bee Cuddy, tasked with transporting three mentally ill women to a sanitarium in Iowa. She enlists the help of desperate drifter George Briggs (Jones) in exchange for saving his life. Hit the jump to watch the first The Homesman U.S. trailer. Yahoo!

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