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Joe Carnahan Calls 'Death Wish' Remake "A Potential Oscar-Winning Film" In Livid Email To MGM – When Joe Carnahan exited the brewing remake of Charles Bronson's vigilante classic "Death Wish" earlier this year, it was reported that it was due to creative differences, specially casting. The studio wanted Bruce Willis and Carnahan, well, didn't. But it seems that difference of approach really burned up the filmmaker.

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How excited are you to know that Joe Carnahan is finishing his Death Wish screenplay today?

Joe Carnahan – You know what? I'm extremely excited about the fact that Joe Carnahan tweeted yesterday that he was "less than a day from completion" on his DEATH WISH script. The sizzle reels he put together for his DAREDEVIL pitch combined with THE GREY have just about irrevocably cemented Carnahan in my high estimation, and the pronounced passion he has for his DEATH WISH plans only makes me trust him... 7 years 43 weeks ago via jackiechan

'The Grey' director Joe Carnahan has a 'Death Wish' – EXCLUSIVE: The weekend is already shaping up nicely for Joe Carnahan, the director of the Liam Neeson survival thriller "The Grey" which is poised to take the box-office crown. 8 years 22 weeks ago via jetli
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Death Wish

Joe Carnahan will write and direct this remake of 1974 movie of the same name that starred Charles Bronson. The remake, according to Frank Grillo, will focus on the relationship between two brothers instead of just on one man as in the original.
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