Full Trailer, Woody Allen


The Trailer for Woody Allen's Latest, Magic in the Moonlight

comingsoon.net – Sony Pictures Classics has today debuted the trailer for Woody Allen’s upcoming film, Magic in the Moonlight, from Gravier Productions. Check it out in the player below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. 7 years 52 weeks ago via jetli

First Trailer for Woody Allen's 'Blue Jasmine' with Cate Blanchett

feedproxy.google.com – "No one wants to get out of here as fast as I do." He's back! The latest film from auteur Woody Allen, titled Blue Jasmine, is about to hit theaters this summer despite no major festival premiere or the usual pomp and circumstance he receives. Set mostly in San Francisco, Blue Jasmine has an ensemble cast but focuses primarily on Cate Blanchett as a New York housewife going through her own life crisis. 8 years 49 weeks ago via jackiechan

'To Rome With Love' Trailer: Woody Allen's Italian Romance

Woody Allen
feedproxy.google.com – Is Woody Allen about to become a summer movie staple? Last year, he had the biggest hit of his career with June sleeper Midnight in Paris, and he'll be back on June 22 with To Rome With Love. Consider it the classy version of all those Garry Marshall romantic omnibus .. 10 years 6 weeks ago via jetli
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