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Maggie Grace Gets 'Empowered' For 'Taken' Sequel

Maggie Grace – Bryan Mills is a man with a very particular set of skills, skills that make him a nightmare for men like go-to Serbian bad guy actor Rade Serbedzija. But does Bryan's daughter, the long-ago abducted Kim Mills, possess those same skills? One certainly hope so, since she'll have to transform herself from victim to hero in the upcoming "Taken" sequel.

8 years 24 weeks ago via theothersenhman

'Taken 2' Spoilers Make Their Way Online – Pierre Morel’s Taken isn’t the kind of film that lends itself to an easy sequel. Liam Neeson’s estranged daughter (Maggie Grace) is kidnapped while vacationing in Europe, and he goes after the scumbags who abducted her. 8 years 32 weeks ago via brucelee
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