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'Interstellar' Debuts Final Trailer, Announces Early IMAX Bow

1:52 PM 10/1/2014 by Jeff Giles
Can't wait to see Matthew McConaughey shot into space? Good news: Paramount and Warner Bros. have announced an earlier Interstellar release date for those of us lucky enough to live within driving distance of an IMAX theater: Starting November 5, two days before the movie goes wide, it'll screen in advance showings in 240 locations across the U.S.

'If I Stay' Trailer Breaks Your YA-Lovin' Heart

1:51 PM 4/16/2014 by Jeff Giles
If I Stay
In 2009, as the Twilight books were just beginning their billion-dollar assault on theaters and Hollywood's current thirst for YA franchises was still mostly a tickle in Harry Potter's throat, novelist Gayle Forman scored a critically lauded bestseller with If I Stay, the story of a girl who finds herself forced to choose between life and death after her seemingly perfect existence is shattered by sudden tragedy.


First Trailer for George Clooney's THE MONUMENTS MEN Starring Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray, and Cate Blanchett

collider.com – Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for George Clooney’s next directorial effort, The Monuments Men. Based on a true story, the film centers on an unlikely World War II platoon made up of museum directors, curators, and art historians tasked by FDR with going into Germany and rescuing artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves before they are lost forever.

4 years 45 weeks ago via jetli

'Diana' Trailer: Naomi Watts Engages In A Royal Affair

moviesblog.mtv.com – The first full-length international trailer for "Diana," the upcoming biopic depicting the princess' affair with a surgeon, debuted online today, perhaps giving us a preview of the Naomi Watts performance that might bring her back to the Academy Awards. "Diana" is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, and that's worth noting because most of the internet is familiar with just one scene from any of his movies. 4 years 46 weeks ago via jetli

New Teaser Trailer for Ridley Scott's THE COUNSELOR Starring Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem

collider.com – Another teaser trailer for director Ridley Scott’s upcoming film The Counselor has landed online. The script by Cormac McCarthy (author of The Road and No Country for Old Men) centers on an attorney (Michael Fassbender) who teams with Reiner (Javier Bardem) to sell $20 million worth of cocaine. Like the initial teaser, this one highlights the tension that promises to be abundant in the star-studded pic, and while Scott’s recent output has been hit or miss, I’m really looking forward to seeing how McCarthy’s first screenplay stacks up.

4 years 48 weeks ago via jackiechan

New Trailer for Ron Howard's F1 Racing Drama RUSH Starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, and Olivia Wilde

collider.com – Universal has released yet another trailer for Ron Howard’s Rush. The film takes place in the world of Formula One racing, and chronicles the 1970s rivalry between Austrian driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and British driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). This latest trailer turns the focus primarily on Hunt and his trajectory from playboy race car driver to serious competitor, and it looks like a compelling arc since it’s created through his conflict with Lauda. 4 years 48 weeks ago via brucelee

Watch: First Trailer For 'The Fifth Estate' Starring Benedict Cumberbatch As Julian Assange

fb.indiewire.com – Journalist or traitor? Whistleblower or security threat? You might think we're talking about Edward Snowden, but before him was Julian Assange, who may not have been the first activist to shake up governments around the world, but certainly the one with the biggest influence in our times. And now his tale is getting told (whether he likes it or not).

4 years 49 weeks ago via donnieyen

Watch: First Trailer For Steve McQueen's '12 Years A Slave' Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender & More

fb.indiewire.com – While it may not be a movie that appeals to the general public on the scale of "Iron Man 3" or "Man Of Steel," to the more cinephile-oriented viewers, there are few movies coming in 2013 as exciting as Steven McQueen's slavery drama "12 Years A Slave." Earlier this monthwe got the first images from the film, but for those familiar with the filmmaker's previous films "Hunger" and "Shame," that's only telling not even half the story. 4 years 49 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Jobs Instagram Trailer: Technologic

feedproxy.google.com – Trailers were first just part of the moviegoing experience, but as technology has evolved they've found new homes and forms. We had TV trailers, YouTube trailers, Vine trailers, and now Instagram trailers. Considering its tech focus, it's no surprise that Jobs became the first major movie to use the app 4 years 49 weeks ago via brucelee

Watch: Amanda Seyfried Goes Deep In Trailer For 'Lovelace'

fb.indiewire.com – Forty years since "Deep Throat" rocked the nation, and Linda Lovelace showed over her particular talent, it's hard to believe that how far we've...uh...come. Blowjobs as a subject are how practically mainstream, and hell, a few errant Google searches can bring you the kind of material in the comfort of your own home that decades ago you could only see in the pervy privacy of your local skinema joint. 4 years 50 weeks ago via jetli
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