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EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass Talk Powerful Final Scene from 'Captain Phillips'

feedproxy.google.com – Tom Hanks has never been as emotionally naked as in the final five minutes of "Captain Phillips." It's a powerful catharsis after the harrowing ordeal with the Somali pirates, made all the more remarkable by the fact that it was unscripted and improvised with the actual medic on duty in the infirmary (Danielle Albert). 8 years 28 weeks ago via jetli

Producer Dana Brunetti Talks CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, Landing the Rights, Deleted Scenes, Changing the Ending, and More

collider.com – While you might not know the name Dana Brunetti, you’ve definitely seen some of his work. Over the past few years, Brunetti has helped produce a number of cool and varied projects like 21, House of Cards, Captain Phillips, Fanboys, The Social Network, and Casino Jack (just to name a few), and next year he’s helping to bring 50 Shades of Greyto movie screens.

8 years 33 weeks ago via jackiechan

Paul Greengrass issues a statement regarding claims that Captain Phillips is not an accurate adaptation

joblo.com – It recently came to light that certain individuals involved with the pirate incident that Paul Greengrass' CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is based on do not feel the story is portrayed accurately. The Tom Hanks movie is based on the book by the real CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, Richard Phillips. The allegations are not something new for any movie based on a true story, especially one as politically volatile as this one.... 8 years 37 weeks ago via donnieyen

Talking With Captain Phillips's Real-Life First Mate, Shane Murphy

feedproxy.google.com – Shane Murphy was the first mate on the Maersk Alabama in 2009 when it was hijacked by Somali pirates, an event that is reenacted in Paul Greengrass's heart-stopping Captain Phillips. When the real Richard Phillips (played in the film by Tom Hanks) was taken hostage, Murphy (played by Michael Chernus) ... 8 years 37 weeks ago via brucelee
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Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips
Columbia Pictures' action-thriller Captain Phillips stars two-time Oscar® winner Tom Hanks in the true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years. The film is...
Paul Greengrass
October 11, 2013
Drama, Thriller