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Justice League Cracks $600 Million at Global Box Office Justice League has finally cracked $600 million at the global box office, despite trailing behind Coco domestically this weekend. In the wake of Justice League finally releasing and uniting the titans of the DC Comics, information has begun pouring in detailing how Warner Bros rushed their shared universe into production. Though the wait may seem long, it appears the studio was overeager to replicate Marvel Studios’ success with The Avengers in 2012 and scrambled to make Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel into the start of a similar franchise.

New Details On Cyclops' Role In X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX; It Sounds Like Scott Summers Will Finally Become A LeaderNew Details On Cyclops' Role In X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX; It Sounds Like Scott Summers Will Finally Become A Leader Cyclops' role in X-Men: The Last Stand was a major disappointment but X-Men: Dark Phoenix's take on the Dark Phoenix Saga looks set to make up for that based on new comments from Simon Kinberg...

At this point, it’s safe to say Justice League is a misfire. Critics didn’t care for it, it underperformed at the box office to the point that it’s caused a shake-up behind the scenes at Warner Bros., and all anyone wanted to talk about was Henry Cavill‘s weird CGI face hiding his mustache. As rumors abound about deleted scenes, cinematographer Fabian Wagner confirms that the film originally featured Superman black suit scenes, recalling the outfit used for Superman’s resurrection in the comic books following The Death of Superman arc.

Speaking at the Sao Paulo Comic Con Experience, Venom star Tom Hardy has finally confirmed longstanding rumors that the film will be inspired by the classic Lethal Protector comic book miniseries. Sony’s Venom is one of the more intriguing films due out next year. It’s the first of a proposed series of Spider-Man spinoffs, with each movie starring members of the webhead’s rogues’ gallery. It’s uncertain at this stage whether or not the movies will be part of the MCU, however, and fans have been wondering how you can possibly make Venom work without Spider-Man.

How Magneto Fits Into X-Men: Dark Phoenix; Genosha Confirmed In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Magneto will be ruler of the island nation of Genosha and will run into Jean Grey. It’s gradually becoming clear that next year’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be very different to the comic book story. One of the major differences is clearly the fact that Michael Fassbender is reprising the role of Magneto in the film. The character wasn’t part of the original comic book storyline, and fans have been excitedly speculating as to just what role the Master of Magnetism will play.

‘Justice League’ is Making Warner Reconsider the DCEU By Sheryl Oh Some major changes are happening in the studio in the wake of their latest superhero disappointment. This was kind of a “we saw this coming moment,” but Variety has dropped a report that Warner Bros. is moving some key pieces around behind the scenes to make sure the DCEU stays afloat. The abysmal performance of Justice League is said to have left parent company Time Warner with ruffled feathers, leading to the shake-up. DC Films will be undergoing some restructuring in the new year.

Possible Venom movie logo spotted at Brazil Comic-Con The VENOM movie will finally give fans of the comic the gritty, mature, and hopefully, R-rated and violent version of the Spider-Man character they’ve grown to love over the years. We can only hope the character will look cool too, but before we see any of him we have our first glimpse at what may be the movie’s logo, and with it a brand new hashtag you can use with all the other cool kids.... Read More...

Ryan Reynolds Is Ready for a Deadpool and Mickey Mouse Team-Up Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans wonder what the potential merger between Disney and Fox will eventually look like.

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