Featurette, Chris Pine


Chris Pine is crazy as hell in the gag reel for Joe Carnahan's Stretch

joblo.com – In the last few days, Joe Carnahan has taken to Twitter to promote his film STRETCH which was dropped from Sony's release calendar earlier this year. Now, with several clips and images flooding online, we have a look at the gag reel for the film. Featuring a lot of scenes with Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine, STRETCH looks like a batshit fun time at the movies. 6 years 31 weeks ago via jackiechan

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Featurette Shows Off Some New Footage

Star Trek Into Darkness
screencrush.com – While we go gonzo thinking about JJ Abrams‘ future ‘Star Wars’ film, it’s still worth noting that, hey, his new movie, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, looks really, really cool. A short and sweet featurette has emerged for the film and it reenforces that sentiment fully, with a few fresh shots for good measure. 8 years 11 weeks ago via donnieyen
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