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New Rampage Photo Shows Off Giant Monster Destruction Dwayne Johnson walks through massive wreckage in a new set photo from his upcoming video game adaptation Rampage.

Bruce Willis-Led 'Death Wish' Remake Shooting for November Release Decades before Taken got tooken, Charles Bronson went on a revenge rampage. Liam Neeson had his very particular set of skills, but in 1974’s Death Wish, Bronson had a well-kempt mustache, a dead wife, a hospitalized daughter, and a white-hot grudge. The middle-aged man cut a violent swath of retribution through the criminal underground in search of justice for the female members of his family, and in doing so, spawned a genre of brutal, occasionally sadistic action films rooted in mature masculinity.

Dwayne Johnson shares a couple of photos from the set of Rampage In addition to being one of hardest working dudes in show-business, Dwayne Johnson also somehow manages to keep his legions of fans updated with what he's up to on an almost daily basis, and what he's up to now is an adaptation of the 80's arcade-game RAMPAGE. After a trio of giant genetically altered alpha predators run amok and begin destroying everything in their path,... Read More...

Mark Wahlberg, James McAvoy And Oscar Isaac On Wishlist For Bloodshot Movie Word from The Wrap is that Sony is ready to find it’s lead actor for the upcoming Bloodshot movie. Based on the Valiant Comic, Bloodshot is a nano-tech enhanced soldier created by a shadowy corporation and turned into a killing machine. He was created in 1992 by Kevin Van Hook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. The film will be directed by Dave Wilson and written by Eric Heisserer.

Chance The Rapper Explained To Jordan Peele Exactly Why He Loved ‘Get Out’ So Much Getty Image Chance the Rapper’s meteoric rise has been on his terms. The Chicago rapper has made no qualms about his beliefs, whether it be as a Christian, or working independently without a label. In turn, it has made him one of the more sought after artists in the world, with three Grammy wins to his name and plenty of success. To counter that, Jordan Peele has his own hold on 2017, shifting the narrative from his work as a comedian who starred in the noted sketch comedy show Key & Peele, to a director who created one of the year’s best films with the horror film Get Out.

New Rampage Photos Have Naomie Harris & The Rock Captured Dwayne Johnson shares new photos from the set of Rampage as shooting continues on the video game adaptation.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Will Join The Five Timers Club When He Hosts Next Week’s SNL With Musical Guest Katy Perry Did you enjoy Saturday Night Live last night? Ok, it was a little bit hit and miss, but you have to admit, Alexa Silver was pretty funny, host Melissa McCarthy’s Mother’s Day opening was heartwarming, and the bassist from Haim makes really silly faces when she plays. But who will be hosting next week? See you at the #SNLFinale next week, everyone. @TheRock and @katyperry will be there too!

Gears Of War Adaptation Locks Down Avatar Writer There’s been talk of a Gears of War film almost since the time the first game hit the original Xbox back in the mid-2000s. And it makes sense. The game has a very cinematic style, and its hard-action, testosterone-fueled leads very much lends itself to the medium. Of course, like almost every other video game franchise under the sun, there have been some…delays in the development process. For whatever reason, an actual Gears of War film has had a hard time getting off the ground.

The Rock Receives The Coveted Michael Moore Endorsement For A 2020 Presidential Run Getty Image Michael Moore is endorsing Dwayne Johnson for a 2020 presidential run against Donald Trump, and 2017 is so weird. Regardless of how the previous sentence sounds, we can confirm it’s an actual thing that has happened, so we need to talk about it. If there is one thing that we all learned from the election of Donald Trump, it’s that we can no longer scoff at anything when it comes to politics. A Johnson-Trump showdown in 2020 could happen because, literally, nothing would shock us at this point.

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