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Watch: Everything Is On Tape In First Trailer For 'Closed Circuit' Starring Eric Bana & Rebecca Hall

fb.indiewire.com – It's going to be a long summer of explosions, CGI and dick jokes, as your stomach sours from too much buttery popcorn and your brain hurts endless 3D spectacles. But capping off the season will be a movie that will hopefully have some smarts, and it least promises some strong talent, in a compelling picture.

9 years 26 weeks ago via jackiechan

'Lay The Favorite' Trailer Is Full of Gambling and Death Threats in the Las Vegas Sun

Lay the Favorite
feedproxy.google.com – Any film that gives Rebecca Hall a shot at a starring role seems like it would have to be a good idea, but unfortunately Lay the Favorite didn’t get very good reviews coming out of its debut at Sundance, and our own Allison Loring bemoaned that the film “never seems to quite know what it wants to be.” Still, Lay the Favorite is set to roll out in limited releases all across the world over the next few months, and a trailer has just been released to give us all a taste of what it has to offer, so we might as well give its sales pitch a gander. 10 years 27 weeks ago via theothersenhman

International Trailer for Supernatural Thriller 'The Awakening'

comingsoon.net – An international trailer for director Nick Murphy's supernatural thriller The Awakening is online and can be watched below. Opening in the UK on November 11, the film stars Rebecca Hall, Dominic West and Imelda Staunton. 11 years 11 weeks ago via donnieyen
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