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BLACK PANTHER Takes On THE WINTER SOLDIER In This 'CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR' Clip! One of the most buzzed-about new elements from Marvel's upcoming blockbuster, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, is Chadwick Boseman's entry into the MCU as Black Panther. Boseman is known for serious roles in biopics like 42 and Get On Up where he played Jackie Robinson and James Brown, respectively. The word coming out of early screenings is that Boseman's T'Challa is just as electrifying.During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Boseman presented to the world a fresh clip from CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

Seems Ryan Reynolds did more than just re-post our link to the story about the Utah theater that was fined for showing Deadpool and selling beer. The movie’s star reportedly donated $5,000 to Brewvies defense fund… or at least someone using the name. A GoFundMe account had been set up to help the theater and had raised $7,000 before a $5,000 donation was added in the name of Ryan Reynold.

What special features will be on the Deadpool home video release? Was Supergirl almost a love interest for the Man of Steel in Superman III? Which side does Hugh Jackman choose for Captain America: Civil War? How is Marvel trying to make superhero technology a reality?

The Deadpool Twitter account has unveiled the final bonus feature specs for the film’s upcoming Blu-ray release, which includes deleted scenes and an optional audio commentary with director Tim Miller and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. Star Ryan Reynolds also headlines a commentary track with writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. So expect plenty of talking on this Blu-ray, which is fitting for Deadpool. In fact, it’s a little surprising Deadpool himself isn’t offering a yack track.

‘Deadpool’ Director & Producer Want Spider-Man to Pay a Visit to the Merc with a Mouth Now that Sony Pictures has teamed with Marvel Studios to share Spider-Man, allowing him to enter the Marvel cinematic universe alongside the Avengers, fans have been hoping that a deal might be in the cards for more crossovers with characters that Marvel doesn’t own right now. 20th Century Fox still owns the rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool, which means those characters cannot legally crossover into the Marvel cinematic universe at Disney. That also means the Avengers and Spider-Man can’t venture into any of Fox’s Marvel movies either.

Showrunners of Daredevil's Season 2 set to run The Defenders onto Netflix THE DEFENDERS is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality in Marvel's Netflix Universe, and today the series landed its showrunners to steer the ship. Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez, who operated as showrunners for Season Two of DAREDEVIL, have been given the reins for the culmination of all Marvel's series on the content streamer. THE DEFENDERS will bring together Daredevil,... Read More...

Marvel has announced that Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez, the showrunners behind Daredevil‘s second season, will serve in the same capacity on Netflix‘s upcoming Marvel series, The Defenders. The fifth and final series planned in Marvel’s original deal with Netflix will see the stars of the other four series — Daredevil‘s Charlie Cox, Jessica Jones‘ Krysten Ritter, Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter and Iron Fist‘s Finn Jones — team up for a common cause. “We’re incredibly excited to be able to bring our four street level heroes together

Deadpool Director Tim Miller Met With DC For a Lobo Movie It has been nearly two months since the premiere of Deadpool, yet the film’s impact can still be felt radiating throughout pop culture. With the wild success of Fox’s raunchy, bloody, super anti-hero romp, a stagnant project in development came to life once more at DC, and in less than a month Wonder Woman’s Jason Fuchs signed on to write Lobo. While some fans may have misinterpreted the move as DC jumping on the gory comic book hype train, Lobo has actually been in the works for years, as Deadpool director Tim Miller recently confirmed.

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