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Brie Larson Wants to Direct a Marvel Movie Captain Marvel star Brie Larson says she wants to throw her hat in the ring to direct a future movie for Marvel Studios. Even though she’s been in the movie and television business since 1998, Larson’s career was catapulted to the next level in 2016 when she won her Best Actress Oscar for the compelling kidnapping drama Room.

Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Praises Ryan Reynolds’ Performance On the red carpet of the Emmys last night, Atlanta star Zazie Beetz had nothing but praise for her Deadpool 2 co-star Ryan Reynolds. With Atlanta scoring a number of big wins at the ceremony last night and Deadpool 2 set to be just as massive as last year’s film, Beetz will soon be a very well-known name.

'Black Panther' Hasbro Action Figures Debut Erik Killmonger's Villainous Suit Black Panther is swiftly approaching, and with it a ton of marketing and merch for this gorgeous-looking movie. Wakanda is the technicolor afropunk future the MCU is desperately in need of, with tons of vibrant, eye-catching costumes that promise the most visually-pleasing Marvel movie yet. One character whose look we haven’t seen in the trailers yet is Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, but according to one very cool Hasbro action figure he has a Black Panther suit of his own. With some added pizazz. Continue reading…

We have a new cast confirmation for Deadpool 2. Eddie Marsan, who is best known for his role on Ray Donovan and was recently see on Atomic Blonde, posted a picture to twitter today showing his kids with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. The kids visited me at work on #Deadpool2.Ryan made them feel so special. I’m officially the coolest Dad in the world — Eddie Marsan (@eddiemarsan) August 22, 2017 No one knew that Marsan had a role in Deadpool 2 and, at the moment, we don’t know what role he’s playing.

How Danny Rand Sees Each Member Of The Defenders One of the main things that Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is looking for in his solo series and The Defenders is a family. He’s found part of one with Colleen but he’s also the youngest of the group who is a bit emotionally stunted. Jones recently spoke to Inverse about the different dynamics Danny has with the various characters. So, one of the first conversations I had with Marco [Ramirez, *The Defenders* showrunner,] was about when Danny meets these other three individuals, what does he learn from them, and what do they learn from him?

Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool To Crossover With The Avengers For the record there is pretty much a zero chance of this ever happening but it’s still fun to think or talk about. Superheroes and crossovers are the the bread and butter of the blockbuster genre now and people have been asking if we were ever going to see the Avengers and the X-Men together since the credits rolled on Avengers in 2012. The deal between Sony and Marvel has just given people more hope. One of the people involved with the X-Men universe has weighed in. In an interview with Total Film Ryan Reynolds talks about the crossover of his dreams.

David Harbour Shares How His Hellboy Will Differ From Ron Perlman’s David Harbour has big shoes to fill when he steps into the title role of the upcoming Hellboy reboot, but he is now assuring fans that he will approach the role differently than his predecessor Ron Perlman. When the Hellboy reboot was first announced, fan response was seemingly divided due in large part to Perlman’s well received take on the character.

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