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Deadpool Fan Video Parodies Beauty and the Beast While Deadpool has long been a popular character within the comics world, it took until last year for the Merc with a Mouth to finally get his proper due on the big screen. Sure, it technically wasn’t his first film appearance, but most fans remain more than happy to pretend that X-Men Origins: Wolverine never took place.

Will Michael Shannon Join ‘Deadpool 2’ as Cable? I really, really hope so.It isn’t official yet so take this news with a grain of salt, but according to Variety, Michael Shannon (Man of Steel, Midnight Special) is Fox’s top choice to play the character Cable in Deadpool 2. Previously Pierce Brosnan had been rumored to be in the mix, but according to the report, Shannon is the studio’s “top choice.”For those who don’t know, Cable is Nathan Summers, the future child of Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops, and Jean Grey, a.k.a. Marvel Girl? Phoenix? She’s got a lot of secret identities.

Black Panther Set Photos: T’Challa Hitches a Ride In a film that featured appearances from nearly all of the major heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – plus the onscreen debut of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man – it’s saying something that Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa/Black Panther still wound up being one of the most memorable elements of Captain America: Civil War.

Brace Yourselves, 'Deadpool 2' Writers Tease Imminent Cable Casting Casting for Deadpool 2 is well underway, and with Atlanta star Zazie Beetz recently signing on to play Domino, one of two major roles has now been filled. And while Cable isn’t the only other new character joining the Merc With the Mouth for his upcoming sequel, he is arguably the most important piece of the casting puzzle given the larger role he’ll be playing in this corner of the mutant universe. According to the film’s writers, we’ll learn who’s playing Cable (as well as a few other “obscure” mutant characters) in Deadpool 2 “very soon.” Continue reading…

The Matrix: Warner Bros Looking To Reboot Franchise, Michael B. Jordan Potentially Eyed To Star? Even though we live in an era where practically every film franchise under the sun is likely to get a remake, reboot, or sequel at any given moment. You may think that your favorite movie, book, or series is safe, but no, it’s not. Nothing is safe in Tinsel Town. When Ben-Hur is a movie that gets remade, you really know that nothing is sacred. The same goes for the Matrix films.

Deadpool Creator Supports Zazie Beetz as Domino Casting Deadpool might be one of the rare examples of a movie adaptation where a comic book character casting was met with near-universal approval. Part of that is likely due to how devoted Ryan Reynolds was to the title role, as his very involvement is what enabled the film to survive years in development hell and come out on the other ends as a smash hit.

Deadpool 2: What Zazie Beetz Could Look Like As Domino Twentieth Century Fox’s mutant movie universe has been around since Bryan Singer’s X-Men hit theaters in 2000. Over the past 17 years, Singer’s film launched a trilogy that was followed up by a spinoff starring Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, then a prequel series kicked off in X-Men: First Class. Last year, Fox ventured into new territory with Deadpool – an R-rated comedy starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson. It was incredibly well received by critics and fans alike and became the top grossing X-Men film ever.

Deadpool 2: Janelle Monáe the Frontrunner for Domino It’s hard to judge which X-Men property has more buzz right now, Deadpool 2 or Logan. The latter has been impressing critics and earning Fox a lot of money, as it sends off the fan-favorite character. But Deadpool was all most people were talking about last year, and the anticipation for his planned sequel next year is a source of constant excitement for fans. That’s only increased thanks to the fun teaser for the sequel, featured ahead of Logan. Despite its short running time, it’s been the talk of social media and somehow packed in a number of Easter eggs.

Marvel’s Inhumans Cast The Rest Of The Royal Family In the back and forth casting announcement battle between Marvel’s Inhuman 8-part series and the untitled X-Men pilot from Matt Nix… the Inhumans have fired off what might be their grand finale.

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