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Deadpool Wishes Fans a Happy Thanksgiving in New Promo Image The story of Deadpool is a story of grass roots support. For a long time, 20th Century Fox was understandably wary of funding an R-rated superhero movie about a character who was last seen in one of the most critically derided X-Men movies to date.

It’s getting harder to tell Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool apart. They speak with the same voice now and one or both of them will be at the São Paulo Comic Con Experience in Brazil this December. Deadpool (or Reynolds) cut a new video helpfully explaining the whole thing: #FoxNaCCXP Ei, nerd! O Deadpool tem um recado MUITO importante pra você! A 20th Century Fox ESTARÁ NA #CCXP2015 e fará um painel no evento na sexta-feira, dia 04/12, com conteúdos exclusivos e convidados especiais! Acompanhe as novidades por aqui, daremos mais detalhes em breve!

'Deadpool' Poster Invites You to Sit on Santa's Lap A new theater Standee offers you the chance to sit on Santa Deadpool's lap and take your own Christmas photo with the superhero.

Is this a new teaser for Jessica Jones, the solo Luke Cage show, or the second season of Daredevil? Since it was posted by the Man Without Fear's official Twitter account, we're going with the latter! Doesn't mean for certain that Cage will factor into the series, but from the looks of things his bar will anyway. So long Josie's, hello Luke's. Looks like there is a new watering hole in Hell's Kitchen. — Daredevil (@Daredevil) November 17, 2015 Daredevil returns for its second season sometime next year.

Details On What To Expect From The 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer! Next year's Captain America: Civil War has the potential to be The Avengers 2.5. What was originally thought of as Captain America III when it was announced last year, has been revealed to be a massive entry in Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Ryan Reynolds Continues Deadpool’s Social Media Invasion On Hugh Jackman’s Twitter Page Ryan Reynolds seems to have channeled Deadpool very deeply. Playing the character where ever he can, he’s invaded the Twitter account of Hugh Jackman with an important message for fans of the Australian actor while showing off the scarified Wade Wilson makeup: Presenting … ME by HIM. @VancityReynolds #SMA — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) November 9, 2015 It is unclear if Reynolds sent him the video or if Jackman happened to visit the set of the film, which is currently in the midst of reshoots.

Wanna Know How Deadpool Spent Halloween? Find Out Here! In a bit of goofy viral marketing for next year's Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds took to his YouTube page to release this video. It shows Reynolds, in character as the Merc With A Mouth, behaving badly with a group of innocent children in their Halloween costumes.

Deadpool Writers Confirm Movie Will Break The Fourth Wall Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick tell Collider the film will indeed break the fourth wall. For years, the character has been addressing the reader, and sometimes the writer, with his opinions of the plot in various Marvel comics. “Deadpool obviously breaks that fourth wall in the comics, he breaks it in the movie,” said Wernick.

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