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Robert Rodriguez’s Live-Action ‘Fire And Ice’ Movie Acquired By Sony There’s no doubt that Sony Pictures was in dire need of some good news, and thankfully, it may have arrived.

Sony has bought the projectIt’s four years since Robert Rodriguez announced he was looking to mount a live-action remake of ‘80s animated adventure Fire And Ice. He’s been busy on other things since then, but has now signed a deal to direct the film for Sony.Fire And Ice, which will draw from Frank Frazetta’s artwork in a similar – though perhaps not as direct – way to Sin City and Frank Miller, adapts the story from the Ralph Bakshi animation. It’s all launched when evil type Nekron sends glaciers out that destroy most of the surrounding strongholds.


Robert Rodriguez Will Make 'Fire and Ice' After His 'Machete' and 'Sin City' Sequels

Fire and Ice – Robert Rodriguez is a director who always has quite a few projects on the burner; he’s also a director for whom it isn’t unusual to see multiple things coming into focus all at once. In 2012 Rodriguez will shoot Machete Kills, then Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and then if things go well he’ll most right into a new version of the film Fire and Ice. 8 years 12 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Legend Ralph Bakshi talks Wizards 2, Fire and Ice, and Robert Rodriguez – Most fanboys know the name Ralph Bakshi. The man is a legend in the realm of animation, having brought to life the classics FRITZ THE CAT, WIZARDS, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and FIRE AND ICE. The last film he directed was 1992's COOL WORLD starring Brad Pitt. There has been lots of talk in recent years of sequels and remakes of some of the classic Bakshi films. 8 years 17 weeks ago via jetli

Concept Art for Robert Rodriguez's 'Fire and Ice' – Robert Rodriguez announced at the San Diego Comic-Con that he's teamed with the estate of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta for a live-action take on Fire and Ice , inspired by the artist's legendary work and the previous 1983 animated version. You can now view the concept art he showed at the convention below. 8 years 50 weeks ago via jetli

SDCC 2011: Fire and Ice Adaptation Coming from Robert Rodriguez – Robert Rodriguez hit attendees of his Comic-Con panel with the announcement that he's teamed with the estate of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta for a live-action take on his Fire and Ice. 8 years 51 weeks ago via jackiechan
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