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From Keanu Reeves to Cricket Eating, Here's Why Fantastic Fest 2013 Is A Bottomless Goodie Bag Of Fun For Genre Fans – Displaced to a Drafthouse nestled in a north Austin shopping center because of an extensive remodeling project at its original South Lamar location, Fantastic Fest 2013 offered a slightly different experience than in years past. 5 years 3 weeks ago via brucelee

'Looper,' 'Holy Motors' and 'Sinister' Top the Twisted Second Wave of Fantastic Fest Films – The second wave of Fantastic Fest films is incredibly irritating. Why? Because alongside the first wave of titles, it represents the best line up in the festival’s history, and I won’t be there for the first time in years. Have no fear, because we’ll have plenty of Rejects on the ground covering every inch of film, but I will be twiddling my thumbs at home wishing I was getting drunk off of a third Guinness milkshake and watching weird movies. 6 years 8 weeks ago via jackiechan

VIDEO: Elijah Wood Challenges Dominic Monaghan to Hobbit vs. Hobbit Fight – Fantastic Fest's annual Fantastic Debates pit filmmakers, critics, and celebrities against each other in a two-part battle that begins with a podium debate and ends with the ultimate showdown in the boxing ring. This year's Debates, held Saturday night in Austin, Texas, will get even more fantastic than usual as Elijah Wood and Lord of the Rings pal Dominic Monaghan duke it out. 7 years 3 weeks ago via brucelee
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