Post-Production, Christian Slater


Christian Slater Did Not Use a Butt Double in Nymphomaniac – Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac is packed with porn doubles and prosthetic vaginas, but there are no butt doubles for Christian Slater. He plays the father of the sex-obsessed young Joe (Stacy Martin), and while his character is spared the graphic sex scenes and physical abuse of his co-stars, his own ... 4 years 14 weeks ago via jackiechan

Sylvester Stallone would like you to know - that he is absolutely not editing BULLET TO THE HEAD!!!

Bullet to the Head – Sly called me today to ask if I'd set the record straight - that WALTER HILL is calling the shots on this film, 100%. 6 years 15 weeks ago via jackiechan

Sylvester Stallone overseeing a new cut of Walter Hill's 'Bullet to the Head'?

Bullet to the Head – A little over a week ago, it was reported that the Walter Hill/Sylvester Stallone action joint BULLET TO THE HEAD had been dropped from Warner Bros' release calendar with no word on when action junkies might be able to expect it. Everyone naturally assumed the worst. In comes Twitch to the rescue with word from their sources saying that the film will likely be seeing a November release date. 6 years 15 weeks ago via brucelee
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