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Sound Off: David Ayer's WWII Tank Movie 'Fury' - Your Thoughts? Now that you've seen it, what did you think? War never ends quietly. Now playing in theaters is David Ayer's Fury, starring Brad Pitt as the commander of a tank during WWII. The tank crew is lead by Pitt with Shia LaBeouf as 'Bible', Logan Lerman, Michael Peña as 'Gordo', and Jon Bernthal as 'Coon-Ass' to round things out. The tank heads into Germany near the end of the war and takes heavy fire from a desperate Germany army. So how is it? Is Fury as kick ass as it looks? Does the action surpass the story? How is Shia LaBeouf compared to Brad Pitt or Logan Lerman?


Shia LaBeouf: 'I deeply regret criticising Steven Spielberg'

Shia LaBeouf
rss.feedsportal.com – Transformers actor claimed they "dropped the ball" with Indiana Jones 4. 10 years 15 weeks ago via jetli

Shia LaBeouf turned down The Social Network and 127 Hours

guardian.co.uk – Transformers star declined lead roles in David Fincher and Danny Boyle films – and even refused the part of Jason BourneShia LaBeouf walked out of negotiations to star in David Fincher's The Social Network, the actor has revealed. LaBeouf told Details magazine that David Fincher's film was a "fine movie" but not a "Warren Beatty-type game changer". 11 years 21 weeks ago via brucelee

Shia LaBeouf: This is my last "Transformers"

miamiherald.com – Shia LaBeouf's days of battling the Decepticons look to be over, with the Transformers star saying he has nothing more to offer after three films playing kid-next-door Sam Witwicky. 11 years 22 weeks ago via jetli

'Transformer 3's' Shia LaBeouf Slammed by Harrison Ford for Criticizing 'Indiana Jones'

feedproxy.google.com – "I think I told him he was a f--king idiot," Ford says. 11 years 22 weeks ago via jetli

'Transformers 3' Premiere In Red Square

deadline.com – Something like 20,000 people crowded into Moscow's Red Square Thursday night for the premiere of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Paramount offices were vacant because The Powers That Be all attended. Big overseas premieres are the rage by Hollywood studios right now: in Rio De Janeiro this year, everyone who was anyone at Fox and Universal attended the premieres of Rio and Fast Five respectively there. 11 years 23 weeks ago via jackiechan
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