Full Trailer, The Iceman 3D


Watch: New Trailer Of Hitman Thriller 'The Iceman' Starring Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Ray Liotta & More

fb.indiewire.com – There is no doubt that Michael Shannon can play menacing -- and he'll put it to blockbuster effect this summer as General Zod in "Man Of Steel" -- and it seems filmmakers are eager to harness that intensity. That's certainly true with "The Iceman," the starry hitman flick that hit the festival circuit last fall but has been quiet ever since. 8 years 5 days ago via jetli

First Trailer for THE ICEMAN Starring Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta, and Chris Evans

The Iceman
collider.com – The first trailer for the thriller The Iceman has been released. The film chronicles the life of Richard Kuklinski, a professional hitman who kept his work secret from his family. The contract killer received the nickname “The Iceman” because he froze the bodies of his victims in order to disguise their time of death and throw the authorities off track.

8 years 20 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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