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‘Spring Breakers 2’ Producers: James Franco Is a Hypocrite (EXCLUSIVE) – With their Muse Productions company hanging on such edgy fare as “American Psycho,” “Freeway,” “Buffalo 66″ and “Spring Breakers,” producers Chris and Roberta Hanley are no strangers to controversy, however there’s something in the spring air this year that has gotten them more than their share of colorful press. Earlier this month, former business partner... 6 years 28 weeks ago via jetli

Franco: 'Spring Breakers' sequel will be 'terrible' – While dissing the film's producers, he compares 'Spring Breakers' to 'Taxi Driver' 6 years 28 weeks ago via jackiechan

James Franco Says 'Spring Breakers 2' Happening Without Harmony Korine's Consent – Last week came the news that"Spring Breakers: The Second Coming" was in development and headed to the Cannes marketplace to drum up financing, and it set off the alarms of fans of Harmony Korine's bonkers, neon soaked original. Firstly, he wasn't involved, nor was the cast, and instead, Jonas Akerlundhas been tapped to direct with Irvine Welsh penning the script about hot young things fighting taking on militant Christians. 6 years 29 weeks ago via jetli

'Spring Breakers' Sequel in the Works

11:01 AM 5/6/2014 by Binh Ngo
Spring Breakers
One of the surprises coming out of Cannes (via The Playlist) is that Paris-based production company Wild Bunch is making a sequel to Harmony Korine's 2013 crime drama Spring Breakers. The first of many to come?

'Spring Breakers' Sequel 'The Second Coming' In The Works, Gaspar Noé & Paul Verhoeven Line Up Next Projects & More – There are really two different Cannes Film Festivals. There's the Cannes we know and love, the place where the filmmakers walk the red carpet and some of the biggest films of the year make their world premiere. And then there's the Cannes marketplace, where producers, distributors, investors and more all get the next wave of movies in front of people who can sign checks and make deals. 6 years 30 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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