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New Set Photos from WOLVERINE Reveal Silver Samurai and Logan's Claws, New and Returning Cast of RED 2 and Josh Brolin in Spike Lee's OLDBOY Remake

The Wolverine – New set photos for James Mangold's The Wolverine, Spike Lee's Oldboy remake and Dean Parisot's Red 2 have emerged today. From Wolvie, we don't get more shots of star Hugh Jackman, but we get a glimpse of Silver Samurai and of the actor playing him (Will Yun Lee). There's also a stuntman on hand to unleash the first look at Logan's claws in action. 9 years 38 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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OLDBOY is a provocative, visceral thriller that follows the story of an advertising executive (Josh Brolin) who is abruptly kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his bizarre...
Spike Lee
November 27, 2013
Action, Drama, Thriller