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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Jeremy Piven talks Entourage! No one hurls an insult or flips his shit more convincingly than Jeremy Piven. That is, Jeremy Piven when he's playing super-agent Ari Gold; in real life, Piven is as polite and likable as could be hoped for. But when he's in the Ari zone, as he of course is in the new ENTOURAGE movie, he's simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. And though it has been almost four years since the show ended, Piven doesn't miss a... Read More...


Film Review: Entourage

Latino Review - Tue, 2015-06-02 06:04

Film Review: Entourage Entourage seamlessly picks up where the show ended four years ago. We enter with the crew headed to a boat to meet a partying Vinnie celebrating his failed marriage, ending during the honeymoon. No time to feel sorry, it's a party. The phone rings, queuing us in to Ari Gold’s (Jeremy Piven) new position as studio head, wanting Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) to star in his studio's first film, with Gold in charge. One thing though, Vinnie wants to direct. Cue the theme song.Flash forward eight months. The gang’s been extremely busy.

Interview: Talking with the Cast of 'Entourage' The film picks up where the series left off, chronicling the continuing career of movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his entourage of friends. New studio head Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) bankrolls Vince's directorial debut with a $100 million budget, but when it goes $15 million over, Ari must secure financing from Texas billionaire Larsen McCredle and his son Travis.

New Entourage Trailer Struts In The next level is coming...The first trailer for the film based on HBO’s Entourage dropped in December, bringing with it pretty much everything you might expect: Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and Ari, their attendant hangers-on, significant others and employees plus the requisite lashings of models, partying, shouting, ego-stroking and celebrity cameos. The new promo is pretty much more of the same.  The game has changed slightly this time, with Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold having moved on up from super agent to studio head.

The First Entourage Trailer Brings All The Bros Back to the Yacht Party Warner Bros. As with most of my perception of the eight season run of the HBO show Entourage, I’m now convinced that its movie spin-off is going to be primarily about Ari Gold, the angry agent played by Jeremy Piven. In between sequences of bikini-littered parties and driving in expensive SUVs, there will be plenty of Ari. Also, series creator Doug Ellin (who returns to write and direct the movie) has also brought back the usual bros: Vince, Turtle, E and Drama. Yes, they weren’t kidding. The first Entourage trailer has arrived.

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