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The Coen Brothers Are Working on an Old Hollywood Movie – According to Deadline, the Coen Brothers have fixed on a next project, and it is … Hail Caesar, about a studio fixer in 1950s Hollywood. The man in question is named Eddie, and not Caesar, so — just a guess here — maybe this movie has something to do with the ... 6 years 12 weeks ago via jetli

Coen Brothers Going The Indie Route With 'Inside Llewyn Davis' – After the runaway success of "True Grit," which nabbed a quarter of a billion dollars worldwide, you'd figure the Coens would cash in their chips with a major studio, try to get something expensive made, or force the major studios to pony up prior to shooting. The Coens haven't operated independently for awhile, as a distributor has been in place for their last few films before the project was even shot. 8 years 48 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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